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Everyman Today Call Rome

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Book Summary:
Written in 1987, this is Charles Coulombe's first book in which he yearns for a retracement back to Catholic principles. This book is comprised of three sections. The first and largest section outlines the history of world events which have shaped our world and have ultimately led to the current crisis in the Church. The second part discusses changes in the approach to the Mass, the Sacraments, and Christian life as a whole. Mr. Coulombe closes the book by explaining how a person can safeguard the integrity of his faith amidst all the challenges of today's world. Everyman Today Call Rome is a historical narrative that is loaded with wit and insights in typical Coulombe fashion that you will not want to miss.
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About the Author:

Charles A. Coulombe was born in New York on 8 November, 1960. At an early age, his parents took him to Hollywood, California, where they lived in an apartment building owned by famed television psychic, Criswell. Coulombe has lectured on a wide variety of historical, religious, and political topics on three continents, and did commentary for ABC News on the death of John Paul II and the election and installation of his successor. He is the author of numerous articles in many journals, and of 10 books on a variety of subjects including Puritan's Empire, a Catholic perspective on American history, and Vicars of Christ, a history of the popes.

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I still derive wisdom and insights that entertain and delight me. I put it up there with Chesterton
Carlos A. Santayana on July 20, 2014
First some context; I am a 55 year old practicing Catholic who with my wife raised 8 children in the faith. This book was written by an author roughly my age who wrote it three decades ago when he was young. Yet after several reading and re-readings (the book fell apart and I had it spiral bound at the office supply), I still derive wisdom and insights that entertain and delight me.I put it up there with Chesterton, Belloc, Lewis and Rudolf Otto. A short book that sent me to Google repeatedly to research obscure references that amused and illuminated. I have read several of the authors other books and with the exception of the "White Cockade" (poetry), they simply fall short of this earlier work. I hope he has a liaison with whatever muse he was consorting with back in his earlier years and turns out another book like this one.
Coulombe is a friend of mine and he's a great, and very underrated
Anonymous on April 28, 2017
Charles Coulombe is a friend of mine and he's a great ,and very underrated, Catholic writer. As a young Catholic who is about the same age Charles was when he first wrote this book I can really relate to his almost facetious outlook and his optimism that things without the Church and the world will one day become better. The amount of historical information in this little book is amazing. It covers over seven hundred years of Western History, and Charles really connects the dots between the forces and events that have formed society as we see it today. Though he wrote this in the 1980's many of the advice he gives throughout this book is still very relevant today, especially for young Catholics.