Fisher of Men


Fisher of Men

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Book Summary:
Divers are disappearing without a trace near San Clemente Island in California. Ms.Terry Ho, Public Relations Ambassador of the California Aquarium, is called by the sheriff's office to investigate. A blurry picture of a colorful sea creature and two audio cassettes of its swimming patterns are all the clues she has to solve this mystery. Parallel to her investigation, the US Navy has engaged renowned white shark expert, Dr. Storm Hancock, in a confidential research regarding these bizarre disappearances. Trust and secrecy will play an important role in the finding and capturing of an enigmatic sea predator. Fisher of Men is an exhilarating marine life adventure with an unforeseen and redemptive end.
i want more!
Valerie b on July 26, 2015
i REALLY liked this book. so eager to buy another from this author but could not find any other fiction from Terry Cross. very disappointed. You have great talent Mr Cross. i hope you will write more. i don't recall ever giving five stars for a fiction but this one deserved every one of them! most fiction books i read i usually forget . Fisher of Men will not be one of them!!!! have already recommended to my family and friends. just don't do what i did and try reading, at bedtime when you have to work the next morning. couldn't stop reading! the characters in the book were diverse, interesting, realistic, some were likable and some NOT. at no point did i have to "push through" the boring parts. there were no boring parts . thanks for writing Fisher of Men ,Mr Cross. i hope you will be writing more in the future.....a fan.
The plot kept me guessing!
FireFly on August 10, 2015
I really enjoyed reading this book. I usually am able to solve a mystery early on in a story, but this book kept me guessing. It was well written and the words flowed across the page. I also enjoyed the biblical references as they played into the story as well. I took my time reading this book as I wanted to savor the story and also wanted to ponder the plot a while before I went on to the next chapter. In fact, this is a genre that I do not usually seek out. It was a fun book!
Read it - loved it - shared it - they loved it too!
Hannah M. on January 4, 2014
This book is great! Other reviewers have said it perfectly -- you won't want to put it down! Since the author is a new one, I was a little skeptical to begin with -- but I was soon pleasantly surprised. The author obviously knows what he's writing about, and really makes you feel like you're part if the story. I've shared this book with 5 or 6 other people and they all say the same: GREAT BOOK!