St. Joe's Remarkable Journey


St. Joe's Remarkable Journey

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Book Summary:
Given the choice between the secular fundamentalism of public schools and the watered-down bashful Catholicism of today's parochial schools, it's no surprise that more families are turning to alternative means for educating their children in the Faith. However, neither the government nor Catholic archdioceses are willing to cede their control over education, and thus have implemented their own measures to prevent families from taking the matter into their own hands. St. Joe's is a real-life story of a group of parents, who after many obstacles, were finally able to control their kid's education by forming their own Catholic high school under the local archdiocese. "St. Joe's Remarkable Journey is truly a remarkable books. Bravo Paul Barra! Bravo St. Joe's!" - Joseph Pearce, Editor of St. Austin Review
"Remarkable story written remarkably well"
Judith A. Birri on July 28, 2008
This story that Mr.Barra has written shows us what a few people can do when they are truly motivated and energized to accomplish a set goal. The goal in this wonderful book was unthinkable; start a Catholic high school in a very non-Catholic state without any assistance from the "heirarchy" of the church.In fact,there was much more resistance to the project than support. Their ultimate success and notable accomplishments from their humble beginnings are truly amazing. "St. Joe's Remarkable Journey" was a book you didn't want to put down without discovering how this feat was accomplished. Many thanks to the author for a rewarding and enjoyable read.
Cathy Halpin on May 28, 2013
Interesting read and a true story. Just met the writer and wish he would write more...... Price was good too!