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Star-Spangled Crown

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For 240 years, most Americans have identified our country with its government as the embodiment of "Freedom" and the nation itself. Take away the Constitution, Congress, and presidential elections, and not only liberty but the United States themselves would vanish.

Or would they? We have a government that imposes social change from above at breakneck speed, while each presidential election seems to offer even more pathetic choices than the one before. Many are scratching their heads and wondering - not just "where are we going?" but "how did we get here?" Is our governmental system itself - the leading symbol of the American way of life - heading for a meltdown? And if it is, what - if anything - shall be left of our country?

Star-Spangled Crown is a book that comes to us from over a century in the future. That feared meltdown has already occurred - but these United States survived the loss of the presidency. Erected on the ruins of our current regime, a Monarchy has emerged; contrary to all of our 21st century notions, it is a thoroughly American institution. How it functions - as and where all governments, including our present one must function - is the subject of the book.

Star-Spangled Crown is not a call for radical change. It is an invitation for serious thought about the realities of civil life that we as a people have spent more than two centuries ignoring or avoiding at our ultimate peril. What values shall our society express? Who makes those decisions? By what right do they do so? What is America really - or, as our 22nd century author might say, what are the United States? Star-Spangled Crown offers one set of answers from a possible future - but above all, it calls on you to ask the questions in the present.

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About the Author:

Charles A. Coulombe was born in New York on 8 November, 1960. At an early age, his parents took him to Hollywood, California, where they lived in an apartment building owned by famed television psychic, Criswell. Coulombe has lectured on a wide variety of historical, religious, and political topics on three continents, and did commentary for ABC News on the death of John Paul II and the election and installation of his successor. He is the author of numerous articles in many journals, and of 10 books on a variety of subjects including Puritan's Empire, a Catholic perspective on American history, and Vicars of Christ, a history of the popes.

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Tired of the same old politics? Try this book.
Anonymous on September 27, 2016
I just finished "Star-Spangled Crown" by Charles A. Coulombe. A wonderful "what if" history that is written from the perspective of a future (22nd century) writer. In a nut shell our republic collapses into total anarchy culminating in a shoot out in the oval office sometime this century. In a desperate attempt to save our society the Joint Chiefs call in a little known but very able monarch from a small duchy in Central Europe. The story goes through the process of how this king rebuilds and strengthens the US through combining our unique culture and institutions with old world Christian monarchal rule. The author also sprinkles in a good amount of actual historical perspectives on social, military, cultural and religious life under various monarchs. During this time of social and cultural collapse Mr. Coulombe offers another possibility. Perhaps a thorough rethink on monarchy is due. Perhaps we as Americans should reevaluate our deeply rooted distain of kings and queens, bolstered by two centuries of propaganda. On the monarchist side, it's time to get organized and outline the basic principles of Christendom and it's restoration. Perhaps a revitalized and vibrant monarchism can save the growing "alt-right" movement from degenerating into a neo-pagan, supremacist movement seeking to resurrect Nietzsche. Anyway, great book!
King of the United States of America?
Michael Glanville on October 9, 2016
Trigger Warning to all Americans; this book may very well cause some discomfort. Charles Coulombe's Star Spangled Crown discusses the possibilities of an American Monarchy through the lens of an alternate history, where the President has gone mad, the nation is in turmoil, and the only solution to the crisis in the near future, as far as the Pentagon officials are concerned, is to install a Catholic hereditary monarchy in lieu of the presidency. This situation self-evidently displays the problems that would face the new monarch and what he would have to do to heal the country, all the while preserving social and religious liberties (up to a point), and protecting the nation and the new commonwealth from threats. Mr. Coulombe eloquently describes something that most Americans simply are not taught; how monarchies actually work, and why. I would urge everyone to read this book if only to open your mind a bit to something that has been deliberately kept from all of us. If you're wondering how it is that after 240 years of this American experiment, that our two present (2016) presidential candidates are the best we could do, perhaps this book might offer something better?
A Must-Read
Bradley Poole on October 10, 2016
G.K. Chesterton once said of the Catholic Church "Now the best relation to our spiritual home is to be near enough to love it. But the next best is to be far enough away not to hate it. It is the contention of these pages that while the best judge of Christianity is a Christian, the next best judge would be something more like a Confucian. The worst judge of all is the man now most ready with his judgments; the ill-educated Christian turning gradually into the ill-tempered agnostic, entangled in the end of a feud of which he never understood the beginning, blighted with a sort of hereditary boredom with he knows not what, and already weary of hearing what he has never heard.” I have found, since becoming a Monarchist, that this is equally true of these United States of America. It is only by stepping outside of the quasi-religious feuding of the American Left and the American Right that one can see the whole of America: a nation like any other, but all the more precious for it. Sir Charles Coulombe proved this to me in his masterpiece Puritan's Empire, and now does so again in Star-Spangled Crown. The writing is superb and engrossing, and it is very clear that the author loves his country and his Church. I thank you, Sir Coulombe, for making me a patriot again, for you have proved to my heart that the real America is found not in paper documents, but in it's land, it's people, and it's history. Well done.