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by William L. Biersach
Of Mary There Is Never Enough
Mary | Paperback
A tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mother that is unequaled in our times. Drawing on the ancient Fathers and Doctors of the Church and on the hidden Scriptures which tell of the love of God for this singular beauty of His creation, Mr. Biersach has woven a tapestry of his own making, baring a heart not altogether unlike those of the best saints who have written of Her. 136 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Solange Hertz
On the Contrary
Apologetics | Softcover
With Foreword by Charles Coulombe.
What is a traditional Catholic? Solange Hertz explains: "Given the present state of society, at the polls he rarely finds a candidate to vote for in good conscience, but plenty against, thereby earning himself a reputation for irremediable contrariness on most any issue before the public. In casual conversation his is nearly always the minority opinion, especially if it was once held by the vast majority of educated people in the civilized world and never seriously contested until relatively recently..." 324 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Thomas Ward
Sci-Fi | Softcover
Set in London 2065, society has continued its advancement in both philosophy and technology. People no longer suffer the hardships which previous generations faced. However, Sam Moorcroft, a teenager, is drawn to a particular village, primitive in nature. Designed as a sociological experiment, the village has no connection or knowledge of the outside world. Sam finds his new life to be rough but strangely appealing - so different from modern life. Amidst much turmoil, Sam eventually realizes that he is torn between the two worlds. Interlander is a thought-provoking tale that examines the impact that technology has on a person's spiritual life. 366 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Geoffrey Chaucer
The Parson's Tale
Apologetics | Softcover
The Parson's Tale is the final chapter of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Because of its profound Catholic content, this tale has been selectively excluded from most modern versions of Canterbury Tales. In it a humble parson, or priest, educates us on the topic of sin: its identification, repentance, and atonement. A primary emphasis is given to the seven deadly sins. Upon delving into this section, a person may subtly undergo an examination of conscience pertaining to each sin that is being discussed. This book is a guide for spiritual perfection. 152 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Terry Cross
Fisher of Men
Thriller | Softcover
Divers are disappearing without a trace near San Clemente Island in California. Ms.Terry Ho, Public Relations Ambassador of the California Aquarium, is called by the sheriff's office to investigate. A blurry picture of a colorful sea creature and two audio cassettes of its swimming patterns are all the clues she has to solve this mystery. Parallel to her investigation, the US Navy has engaged renowned white shark expert, Dr. Storm Hancock, in a confidential research regarding these bizarre disappearances. Trust and secrecy will play an important role in the finding and capturing of an enigmatic sea predator. "Fisher of Men" is an exhilarating marine life adventure with an unforeseen and redemptive end. 324 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Charles A. Coulombe
The White Cockade
Poetry | Softcover
There are many wonderful books in the world that address and teach how a good Catholic should think. However, it is important that a person not only think like a Catholic, but feel like a Catholic. Mr. Coulombe's poems convey the feelings that millennial Catholics regularly have: feelings of angst regarding the future, but also that of hope; feelings of righteousness and feelings of awe over the majesty and wonders of Catholic tradition. The White Cockade is filled with bite-sized poems that will inspire you and touch you on an emotional level. 88 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Charles A. Coulombe
Puritan's Empire
History | Paperback
A Catholic Perspective on American History. History is the key to understanding men - whether as nations, families, or individuals. For Catholics, history has an even higher purpose beside. For them, history is the unfolding of God's Will in time, and the attempts of men either to conform themselves to or resist that Will. But American Catholic historians have generally refrained from exploring their own national history with these principles, preferring instead to adopt the analysis of their non-Catholics colleagues, save when looking at purely Catholic topics (and sometimes not then). 624 pages. Read First Chapter
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by Paul A. Barra
St. Joe's Remarkable Journey
Inspirational | Softcover
Given the choice between the secular fundamentalism of public schools and the watered-down bashful Catholicism of today's parochial schools, it's no surprise that more families are turning to alternative means for educating their children in the Faith. However, neither the government nor Catholic archdioceses are willing to cede their control over education, and thus have implemented their own measures to prevent families from taking the matter into their own hands. St. Joe's is a real-life story of a group of parents, who after many obstacles, were finally able to control their kid's education by forming their own Catholic high school under the local archdiocese. 116 pages. Read First Chapter
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by William L. Biersach
Out of the Depths
Mystery | Softcover
It's happening again! Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is once more besieged by the bizarre and the strange! A fresh but unidentified corpse, dressed as a priest, turns up in a niche in a mausoleum, while a trusted assistant of the Cardinal is kidnapped, and two precious objects disappear with him. The police are baffled, and obviously, only one man can bring order to chaos and solve the affair: Fr. John Baptist. 676 pages. Read First Chapter
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by William L. Biersach
The Search for Saint Valeria
Mystery | Softcover
Life is never dull in William Biersach's mythical city of Los Angeles. In The Search for Saint Valeria, the third entry in the series, cop-turned-priest Fr. John Baptist and his faithful sidekick, gardener and chronicler, Martin Feeney, are once again on the trail of the unusual and strange. Why is someone stealing discarded religious objects - relics, altars, chalices - from the city's antique shops? And why on earth would modern-day grave robbers want to steal the remains of a 4th century Saint from New Golgotha Cemetery? 212 pages. Read First Chapter
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