Lorraine V. Murray

Lorraine V. Murray

Published works:

Death in the Choir
Death of a Liturgist
Death Dons a Mask
Confessions of an Ex-Feminist
The Abbess of Andalusia - Flannery O'Connor's Spiritual Journey
How Shall We Celebrate?
Why Me? Why Now? Finding Hope When You Have Breast Cancer
Grace Notes: Embracing the Joy of Christ in a Broken World

LORRAINE V. MURRAY is a free-lance writer living in Decatur, Georgia, with her husband, Jef, and a hamster named Ignatius. She works part-time in the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University. A columnist with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she is the author of six other books.

Lorraine's latest work of fiction is Death Dons a Mask a wild and wacky romp through a small Georgia parish that is perpetually plagued by crimes and misdemeanors. This is the third book in the laugh-out-loud Francesca Bibbo series, which also includes Death in the Choir and Death of a Liturgist. Her most recent nonfiction is a biography of Flannery O'Connor, which is titled The Abbess of Andalusia. Lorraine has written about her conversion story in Confessions of an Ex-Feminist.

An interview with Lorraine on feminism and her conversion story (catholicculture.org).

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