The Search for Saint Valeria (Father Baptist) (Volume 3)

The Search for Saint Valeria (Father Baptist) (Volume 3)

The Search for Saint Valeria (Father Baptist) (Volume 3) 0971278628
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Book Summary:
Life is never dull in William Biersach's mythical city of Los Angeles. In The Search for Saint Valeria, the third entry in the series, cop-turned-priest Fr. John Baptist and his faithful sidekick, gardener and chronicler, Martin Feeney, are once again on the trail of the unusual and strange. Why is someone stealing discarded religious objects - relics, altars, chalices - from the city's antique shops? And why on earth would modern-day grave robbers want to steal the remains of a 4th century Saint from New Golgotha Cemetery?
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About the Author:
William L Biersach

William L. Biersach was born in Pasadena, California, on the Feast Day of St. Philip Neri, the "Laughing Saint", in 1953. A product of Catholic grammar and high school, he naturally lost his Faith when the effects of Vatican II came rattling through the world like a maniacal jalopy in the 1960's and 70's. He found his way back to Traditional Rome in 1993 and has been active in trying to reacquaint Catholics with their own religion ever since. The Endless Knot is the first of his Father Baptist novels. He is currently working on the rough draft for the sixth book in the series. He resides in a stone house somewhere in Southern California, likes spicy food, and hopes to retire in Heaven some day.

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The Search for Saint Valeria (Father Baptist) (Volume 3)
5 Stars Well Writtten!
on April 15, 2014
Interesting and well written as always. However, a little over-the-top especially with the remains of St. Valeria in the airport. A Saint who was martyred 17 centuries ago trolling around the airport in a wheelchair - incorruptible or not, a little farfetched.... Still a superb novel and Mr. Biersach writing style is truly first class. One learns to appreciate the Traditionalist more and more with each of his novels.
The Search for Saint Valeria (Father Baptist) (Volume 3)
5 Stars A rapid, fun read!
on March 14, 2014
This book is by far the shortest of this mystery series, and is a very quick--and fun--read. Personally, I'm not a big fan of mystery novels in general: which I attribute to a background in law enforcement, and a quirk of mind that insists upon hyper realism. I've never read a mystery (nor seen a mystery movie) which did not raise unanswered very detailed questions to me as to plausibility (not referring here to the supernatural elements of the plots). This series poses less questions than most. True, the questions are there, but the books also provide points to ponder that go beyond the crimes themselves. It is emerging yourself in a culture of Catholicism during a troubled era of the Church. I found the plot unexpectedly ingenious, and the humor level as high as the other books. The shorter length gave it a different feel (kind of like the Gospel of Mark is a dash as compared to the other Gospels). This is the 3rd in the series: the 1st book is The Endless Knot. I suppose that they are best read in order, because they build upon each other to some extent: but in a way, this would be a good one to start on because of its length and speed.