While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere

While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere

While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere 0971278652
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Book Summary:
In the words of Mr Biersach: "This little tome - or collection thereof-is intended as a word of encouragement for those Catholics who, against all odds, are attempting to hold on to their Faith for dear life, or perhaps trying to rediscover it in the midst of the rumbling chaos... " And in the words of his good friend, Charles Coulombe: "Our fate . . . begins with our reply to that question asked of His disciples by Jesus Christ and continually referred to by Mr. Biersach in this book: "Who do you say that I am?" Mr. Biersach not only shows us in many ways how we must answer that question, but why we must. Moreover, he does so joyfully. The message he brings us is good news; there is a way out of this world of sin and shadows, and our eternity can be unparalleled bliss. That being so, Mr. Biersach bids us, as would his patron St. Phillip Neri, to begin the quest for Paradise with hope, with happiness, and with humor. Never, in this writer's admittedly short experience (a mere four decades), has his message been so timely and so needed."
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About the Author:
William L Biersach

William L. Biersach was born in Pasadena, California, on the Feast Day of St. Philip Neri, the "Laughing Saint", in 1953. A product of Catholic grammar and high school, he naturally lost his Faith when the effects of Vatican II came rattling through the world like a maniacal jalopy in the 1960's and 70's. He found his way back to Traditional Rome in 1993 and has been active in trying to reacquaint Catholics with their own religion ever since. The Endless Knot is the first of his Father Baptist novels. He is currently working on the rough draft for the sixth book in the series. He resides in a stone house somewhere in Southern California, likes spicy food, and hopes to retire in Heaven some day.

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While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere
5 Stars a huge comfort
on August 30, 2008
William, L Biersach has written a book that is at turns funny and sad and ultimately a huge comfort. Yes, the Church, particularly the American church almost totally colasped in the 60s and 70s. Yes, the Faithful have seen one scandal after another on top of having their religion look rather like a grandmother who's decided to put on a mini skirt and chug malt liquor in order to look relevant, yes it's been really, really bad for a lot of people and millions have left altogether but God hasn't changed so get to praying. Biersach writes about how the changes in the church broke his heart as a teenager and briefly touches on his years away from the Faith and how he finally came back. He argues beautifully that yeah, the great (the bishops) are preocupied with ... God knows what but it's time for the small hands, the folks in the pews to get to work and maybe it's actually a great time to be Catholic becuase the idea of restoration is such a great challenge. I'm glad I bought it.
While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere
5 Stars Highly recommended!
on July 1, 2016
Even though this apologetics book was written some years ago, the topics are still relevant today, if not more so. Mr. Biersach writes in a compelling way about the Roman Catholic Church. It's an easy-to-read book that anyone can understand. The style is conversational and humorous while dealing with serious topics. This is a book for anyone searching for the Truth. It's filled with quotes from reliable sources and refers to other books that you will want to read, also. I highly recommend this book!
While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere
5 Stars a journey many have taken
on May 16, 2008
I hate to deface books but this one I underlined and bent page corners and wrote in the margins...it spoke to me in so many different ways. The author went through what so many of his generation went through after V2 - a dizzying, rapid loss of faith with nothing left to cling to. But there is hope! (There is always hope!) I plan on rereading this often, and placing tidbits in the ears of family and friends.
While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere
5 Stars Encouraging Read for Traditional Catholics
on December 4, 2007
Attention Altar Boys of pre Vatican II : If you fell in love with the Mass and the priesthood only to be disaffected when Mary, piety, and beauty were shown the door in the name of Ecunemism and modernity take heart here. Mr. Biersach, along with Professor David White , of the Naval Academy, are two academic types who seem to have researched their way back to the Truth. Thank you, Jesus !