The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1)

The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1)

The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1) 0979160022
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Book Summary:
Who is killing the Catholic bishops of Los Angeles? One by one, they're dying horribly. The clues surrounding the murders point to an occult connection and the police are stumped. Fr. John Baptist, cop-turned-priest, and Martin Feeney, his faithful gardener-turned-chronicler, are ordered by the anxious archbishop to get to the root of this baffling mystery. Together they uncover a terrifying conspiracy that threatens their faith, their sanity, and their very lives. Such awaits all who get entangled in the Endless Knot.
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About the Author:
William L Biersach

William L. Biersach was born in Pasadena, California, on the Feast Day of St. Philip Neri, the "Laughing Saint", in 1953. A product of Catholic grammar and high school, he naturally lost his Faith when the effects of Vatican II came rattling through the world like a maniacal jalopy in the 1960's and 70's. He found his way back to Traditional Rome in 1993 and has been active in trying to reacquaint Catholics with their own religion ever since. The Endless Knot is the first of his Father Baptist novels. He is currently working on the rough draft for the sixth book in the series. He resides in a stone house somewhere in Southern California, likes spicy food, and hopes to retire in Heaven some day.

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The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1)
5 Stars This series is a great find!
on July 27, 2016
The Endless Knot is surprisingly entertaining on a variety of levels. Mystery, suspense, action, philosophy, laugh-out-loud dialogue and narrative, and characters that are real, well, characters. I will admit that I chose to read it in part because I am old enough to remember attending Mass pre-Vatican II and I wanted to see another point of view, maybe one similar to mine. While I enjoyed that aspect of the story mightily, I was also intrigued by the who-dunnit and the tapestry of people inhabiting the little piece of the world the author brings to us. The mystery is tangled and we get a bit of education along with the unraveling of it. It did have me laughing, too; I read a lot of it in my car at lunch so I could indulge. A good, clean, fun read for thinking adults. I already have the rest of the available Father Baptist books lined up in my virtual library.
The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1)
5 Stars Biersach's First Father Baptist Novel
on March 26, 2015
This was the first novel I have read by William Biersach. When reading the writeup to decide if I wanted to order the book, I was a bit reluctant because the storyline entailed the occult which I don't care for. However, as a Catholic a mystery about a Father John Baptist was appealing. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was very entertaining and the occult nature was light, though the murders depicted were graphic. Occasionally Biersach inserts a bit of spirituality which off-sets the corruption of the diocesan hierarch. Many of the lines by the gardner, Mr. Feeney, left me laughing out loud. The mystery was solid. leaving me guessing until the end. Too, as a volunteer worker in the rectory at my church, I particularly enjoyed the relationships portrayed by the characters. They were all believable. Fr. Baptist certainly is the consummate priest. Catholics or non-Catholics will enjoy this novel.
The Endless Knot (Father Baptist Series) (Volume 1)
5 Stars Great characters, great plot, brought back great memories!
on April 28, 2014
I was looking for something different ... this series is just what I was looking for. A great mystery that involves the greatest institution (the Catholic Church) that looks at the faults along with the hopes for the future? You can't go wrong. Father John Baptist, gardener Martin Feeney, and housekeeper Millie keep the book moving. But even the wonderful Mrs. Magillicuddy, a somewhat confused penitent who comes to a window for weekly confession, brings a chuckle to us old pre-Vatican II Catholics. What more can I say? I loved it, I laughed with it, I reminisced with it, and can't wait to start the next book. What I don't understand is why it took so long for this series to pop out at me. I'm just ever so glad it did! From a Catholic who loved the Church before Vatican II, and loves it even more today!