Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series)

Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series)

Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series) 0979160073
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Book Summary:
Francesca Bibbo is eager to jumpstart her social life, so she joins the choir at St. Rita's. There, she discovers that the director and the pastor are locking horns over a decrepit organ, while the sopranos are vying for solos. After a rehearsal party, things go very wrong, and when someone shows up dead, the police rule the death a suicide. But Francesca suspects foul play, so she begins prying into the dead man's past. Before long, she uncovers shocking and sinister facts about the choir members.
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About the Author:
Lorraine V Murray

Lorraine V. Murray is a free-lance writer living in Decatur, Georgia, with her husband, Jef, and a hamster named Ignatius. She works part-time in the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University. A columnist with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she is the author of six other books. Lorraine's latest work of fiction is Death Dons a Mask a wild and wacky romp through a small Georgia parish that is perpetually plagued by crimes and misdemeanors. This is the third book in the laugh-out-loud Francesca Bibbo series, which also includes Death in the Choir and Death of a Liturgist. Her most recent nonfiction is a biography of Flannery O'Connor, which is titled The Abbess of Andalusia. Lorraine has written about her conversion story in Confessions of an Ex-Feminist.

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Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series)
4 Stars Fun mystery!
on October 1, 2016
I finished DEATH IN THE CHOIR in two days. It is a page-turner filled with suspense, prompting the reader to continue on until the answer to the mystery is revealed. The writing style is lively and colorful, a suitable counterpart to the heroine of the tale. While it is a story told from a third person point of view, the writing was filled with such personality as to give the impression that Francesca Bibbo was responsible for it. As to be expected from such a wonderful Italian name, Francesca is an enjoyable protagonist with her own fun idiosyncrasies. I especially appreciated how random thoughts circled through her mind, on display for the reader. Her spirited and distinctly feminine personality lends an appealing bent to the story. While this story is, in some respects, a light book perfect for those who want to curl up on a winter day with hot chocolate, it is not shallow or too "light". Within her fun personality and zest for life is a heroine who cares deeply about others. I loved her devotion to St. Joseph and was deeply moved by her grief, as she tries to find happiness after the death of her husband. Francesca Bibbo is a courageous soul on top of everything else. The atmosphere of the choir seemed almost like a character in and of itself. It is the perfect backdrop to an unfolding mystery. Each member of the choir was well-drawn, like they were people in real life, and led to both humorous and dramatic moments. As a warning, there are some sexual references. Nothing graphic, but I would advise that parents take a look first. All in all, a cute and fun story and engaging narrative!
Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series)
4 Stars Quick and Enjoyable
on April 24, 2013
A well-plotted mystery focused on the members of a choir in a Catholic parish outside Atlanta, Death in the Choir is a quick and enjoyable read. Suffused with gentle humor, some of which involves differences within the Catholic Church, the story moves along at a good pace and rarely employs forced elements (one eavesdropping scene struck me as a bit strained). The characters are believable, the clues aren't transparent, and all loose ends are tied up neatly without a lengthy explanatory speech. If you enjoy mysteries, Death in the Choir is well worth reading (unless you are looking for hardboiled or noir mystery).
Death in the Choir (Francesca Bibbo Series)
5 Stars Clean and Interesting
on August 5, 2015
It's not often I can find a book that can hold my interest and not offend me with awful language at the same time. I generally have to choose one or the other. I really liked the way Catholic values were emphasized and the use of prayer while still portraying real people with real flaws.