Desire & Deception: How Catholics Stopped Believing

Desire & Deception: How Catholics Stopped Believing

Desire & Deception: How Catholics Stopped Believing 0984236511
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Book Summary:

The Catholic Church is THE great fact of our entire civilization. Art, architecture, music, literature, theatre, law - even cuisine and sports - at their best, all bear her mark. However much she and her teachings may be despised by media and government, however many of her children may abandon her, this is a reality that cannot be shaken. For over two millennia, it has been so.

Yet at the same time, the Church has perhaps never faced so great a combination of challenges as she does today. Most secular governments oppose her to greater or lesser degrees; the Mass, her most solemn rite, has in many places been turned into a collection of strange ceremonies where irreverence views with sheer banality to conceal the awe-filled reality of what is actually happening - the descent of Jesus Christ Himself into the bread and wine on the altar.

There remains an enormous question which few are anxious to tackle: why bother with the Church at all? Why is she here? In Desire and Deception, Charles A. Coulombe makes the case that the role Christ first envisaged for her - that of the sole means of Salvation for mankind - has been completely obscured in the minds of the vast majority of Catholics today. He gives the history of how this came about, explains that this obscurity is at the root of the Church's current internal dilemmas, and shows that Catholics must regain their sense of mission if they are to fulfill Christ's mandate.

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About the Author:
Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe was born in Manhattan on the day JFK was elected – November 8, 1960. His parents were actors, and six years later the family moved to Hollywood, California, taking up residence in an apartment building owned by Criswell, the then famed television psychic. Depending upon their financial fortunes, Coulombe went to a mixture of private and public schools in the Los Angeles area, attending college at New Mexico Military Institute and Cal State-Northridge. Spending three years on the Sunset strip as a standup comic, his first book, Everyman Today Call Rome appeared in 1986. The succeeding three decad...

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Desire & Deception: How Catholics Stopped Believing
5 Stars Coulombe uses failures to help the reader conquer doubt and build resolve like no one else.
on September 30, 2014
Excellent in all respects. Just enough history, and personal viewpoint peppered with shock and awe to keep one amused and fascinated. I've never read or listened to anything produced by Charles A. Coulombe where I didn't learn a good deal. Moreover I'm thereafter able to absorb his presentations into my own arguments about the Church. I'm delighted with his ability to make me see that intellectual submission to the the Church's Magisteriam is the toughest part of being a Christian. His works all make me stronger in my faith. By allowing me to see the failures of the Church, he strengthens my resolve to support it. He helps me conquer doubt by presenting exactly that. Gracefully and softly he teases the doubt and fear away. It's a gift. Thanks Mr. Coulombe.
Desire & Deception: How Catholics Stopped Believing
5 Stars Coulombe's writing is excellent!!
on September 21, 2016
Charles A. Coulombe's writing is excellent!! Mr. Coulombe combines the best of scholarship and humour to present the Catholic Faith in an engaging fashion. I have said it before and I will say it again; Would that I had had Mr. Coulombe teach my confirmation class 25 years ago as a sophomore in high school. Coulombe possesses the talent to be able to transmit the Faith that is both intellectually credible & enchanting. I cannot recommend his writing highly enough!!