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Utopia Nowhere

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Book Summary:
History is the record of an apocalyptic struggle between those two primordial kingdoms - that of God and that of the devil. St. Augustine saw these irreconcilable factions as the City of God and the City of Man. Both are world governments in the largest possible sense, and they are locked in mortal combat till the end of time, for nothing less than the souls of men. When "separation of Church and state" was established as a political principle in modern times, the two Cities began parting company visibly before the eyes of all, but only to square off properly and get at each other better. Like any couple whom God has joined together, Church and state can never be divorced. No matter how many fictitious decrees are handed down by the court of domestic relations, they are still married. And that precisely, is what causes all the trouble. This book covers a range of topics including Joan of Arc, Louis XVI, the political dimension of the sacred heart dimension, and of course Americanism. All focus on Utopia, that mysterious social aberration which always threatens, but never comes to fruition, because the very word means Nowhere.
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About the Author:
Solange Hertz

An established writer before the Second Vatican Council, Solange Hertz wrote for most Catholic periodicals and had five books to her credit, one a selection of the Catholic Literary Foundation. When she refused to adjust her theology to the new “Spirit of Vatican II,” her manuscripts almost overnight became unacceptable to her former editors. After a series of articles on feminine spirituality for the old Triumph magazine, she continued speaking for tradition by successfully producing The Thought of Their Heart and Sin Revisited on her own.

In 1973 she began writing the Big Rock Papers, published privately throughout the next decade and the source of the highly acclaimed Star Spangled Heresy: Americanism, published in 1992. Currently her articles can be found in The Remnant, and abroad in Apropos, Christian Order and Action Familiale et Scolaire. Mrs. Hertz is universally regarded as one of traditional Catholicism’s foremost contemporary writers and lecturers.

Solange Hertz died on October 3, 2015 in Ashburn, VA. She was 95 years old. For more information on her life, visit http://solange.strikingly.com

Tumblar House has used excerpts from several of her books and turned them into articles for everyone to read in the Lounge. For a complete listing, click here.

Memorable Quotes by Solange Hertz

"Woman's vocation is a mystery. Woman is a mystery. She is mysterious not only to men, but especially to herself. Rather than face the mystery within themselves, many women prefer to live out their lives as second-rate, small-size men. It's unnatural, but it's easier." (Searcher of Majesty)

"Before long the Spaniards may be charged with setting back organ transplants 500 years by outlawing the Aztec practice of ripping out hearts from living donors. What an irreparable loss that their expertise, part of the great American heritage, was not transmitted to medical posterity!" (On The Contrary)

"Our initial gluttony is naturally followed by lust unless checked, for undue partaking of food normally leads to undue partaking of persons." (Sin Revisited)

"Before her final glorification, Holy Mother the Church may have much to suffer from her Popes, who like St. Peter, still look for ways out of their difficulties by applying political solutions to spiritual problems." (Beyond Politics)

Some choice excerpts from Women, Words, and Wisdom

About the vocation of the housewife: "...a housewife rooted in God distributes grace with the breakfast cereal, and her 'vow of stability' is the nexus of the home... She puts Aristotle into the language of the nursery and teaches moral theology while she relays current events."

About prayer: "Nothing so enlarges the confines of the home as praying in it."

About pride: "One of the most telling mortifications for proud souls... is being conventional."

About housecleaning: "It's the housewife's special little share in the Redemption to be able to atone for others' sins by washing others' clothes."

About saints: "They're the only people in the world who ever have any real fun."

About the house: "The house is the housewife's basic spiritual handbook."

About reading: "Unfortunately a lot of good reading, like virtue, gets a bad name because for some unaccountable reason it attracts the worst squares."

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Utopia Nowhere
5 Stars A new perspective
on January 29, 2015
As an American it's impossible not to recognize that our current moral, economic and spiritual trajectory is one that will likely lead to our ultimate demise. Clearly we have gone off the rails, or perhaps maybe we were never firmly on the track from the beginning; as St. Thomas states 'a small error in the beginning leads to a large error in the end'. This book will give you a perspective on America and Americanism.
Utopia Nowhere
5 Stars Another spellbinding assessment of why and what we have now ...
on May 24, 2015
Another spellbinding assessment of why and what we have now and a logical explanation of how we got here . This book is packed with information that culminates into an education for all.
Utopia Nowhere
5 Stars She enters a new phase
on March 4, 2017
This will marry the God to our world and us as his children. This book is like nothing I've read. Solange has had an effect on me and I hope you read this book. Thank you.