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Catholic Tradition Talks

The Divine Will

Bill and Charles expound on the many dangers of the movement of the Divine Will, founded by Luisa Piccarreta. Despite originally being put on the Index before the Index was abolished in the 1960s, this movement has been gaining in popularity. If you've ever encountered it before, you surely will find this session a cathartic experience.

Angels and Demons

Both of these beings are very popular these days, taking the spotlight in art, song, literature, and movies. But are they anything like these commercial portrayals, or are they metaphysically and substantially something entirely "other"? Our rambunctious speakers take us on an intriguing exploration of the nature and purposes of these beings. 1 hour


A priest is an "altar christus", or other Christ, because he acts in the image and likeness of God, dispensing graces through the Sacraments. But what if our local parish priest spouts heresy? Or steals from the collection? Or frequently violates liturgical rubrics? Is he still entitled to our respect? To what extent may you criticize him? 2 hours


When it comes to beautiful ceremonies that rivet our attention to fundamental doctrines of the Catholic Faith, it doesn't get any better than this. Benediction, which traces its origin back to the thirteenth century, focuses our minds on the Mystery of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament in a profound and soul-searching way. Adorned with songs composed by St. Thomas Aquinas and enhanced with clouds of incense, this devotion scandalizes unbelievers and captivates all man and women of good will. How sad it is that in our times this time-honored ritual is gradually disappearing, and even those priests who try to keep it alive do not have the training to do it properly. As we pray, so we believe. 2 hours


If "Chivalry is dead," as we're so often told, what exactly is it that died? Or did it? Far from just a code of polite behavior, Chivalry was actually a courageous way of Catholic life, an avowed state which involved the taking of oaths and which was considered for centuries to be a source of Grace for those men brave enough to follow it. What grand oaths the Knights of old took! Furthermore, this talk includes an examination of that of that mysterious search known as the Quest for the Holy Grail. Finally, a thoughtful presentation of how Chivalry might be revived in our time?indeed, how it must be lived by every Catholic in the face of such cultural, social, and moral opposition as we face in our day. A must for young men and women aspiring to be virtuous Catholics. 1 hour 20 mins

Council of Florence

Many people dismiss the hard-teachings of the Council of Florence based on the pretext that "we must understand the council in light of its historical context." So, what exactly is that historical context? After listening to these CDs you will have a basic understanding of what events led up to this important Council as well as an over-view of the Council's teachings. 2 hours


An examination of what the Catholic Church actually teaches with respect to the End of the World versus the spurious and sometimes absurd speculations held by many of the faithful and the not-so-faithful. 2 hours


Always seeking to destroy modern myths, Biersach and Coulombe revel in countering the ever-evolving theory of Evolution - citing fascinating scientific information in their counter argument - information with which all Catholics should be armed. They discuss the history of how the theory developed, its main promoters, its incompatibility with Church teaching and its impact on American culture. 2 hours

False Apparitions

How can you tell whether an apparition is genuine or not? Here Bill and Charles examine the criteria one must meet in order to be an approved apparition. They also discuss what’s the appropriate attitude toward approaching an apparition and what’s not, including the various pitfalls and dangers of having the wrong attitude. Lastly, they discuss the various popular apparitions, including Fatima and Medjugorje. 1 hour 20 mins

Hell and Its Torments

A sermon by St. Robert Bellarmine, read by Charles Coulombe. Like a spash of cold water on the face, this is a wake-up call describing our skewed perspective of reality. Despite the enormous stakes of either Heaven or eternal torment, we still choose to serve ourselves over God, for fickle pleasures which don't even truly make us happy. This talk covers the tremendous gravity of sin, the overwhelming happiness in Heaven versus the unthinkable suffering in Hell, the endless NOW of eternity and the despair and rage of the damned. 1 hour


Do movies change societal attitudes or vice versa? This is a compare and contrast of the Hollywood of old with modern day Hollywood. Specifically discussed are the stylistic changes in the comedy, western, musical, mystery, and horror genres. Also covered are the various old quasi religious films such as the Ten Commandments and Ben Hur. 2 hours


A heresy which few Americans are aware of. However, its effects permeate our lives, politically and socially as well as spiritually. A real eye-opener. 1 hour

The Mass

Part 1: Introduction Download
An insightful exposition of the Tridentine Mass as Bill and Charles delve into the culture, attitudes, atmosphere, and rubrics of the Latin Mass as it was said pre-Vatican II and as it compares to the Novus Ordo Mass.
Part 2: Vestments Download
Delves into the reasons and meanings behind all of the accoutrements of the Mass, including the priest's vestments and most particularly everything having to do with the Sacred Species.
Part 3: The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar Download
Covers the elements that are found in the beginning of the Tridentine Mass including the Asperges Me, the prayers at the foot of the altar, the Confiteor, and the Introit.
Part 4: The Kyrie, Etc Download
Covers the Kyrie, Gloria, Collect, Gradual, Alleluia, Gospel, Sermon, Credo, and the Prayers of the Faithful.
Part 5: The Offertory Download
Covers the Offertory, Secret, Preface, and Sanctus.
Part 6: Consecration Download
Includes versions found in various Eastern rites.
Part 7: Prayers After Consecration Download
Includes the Pater Noster, Sign of Peace, and Agnus Dei.
Part 8: Communion Download
Covers the different ways Communion is received and the reasoning behind them.


A subject which has been all but completely ignored in the modern ethos, but which demands our attention. What exactly does the traditional Church teach about Purgatory, and upon what authority does She base Her explanation? What have Saints, Popes and councils had to say about this place of cleansing in preparation for Heaven? In what ways did the Council of Trent specify that Martin Luther had erred in this regard? Are all ghosts demons, or could they be souls trapped in Purgatorial fire? What exactly are Indulgences and how do we access them? All this and more is discussed in lively detail. 2 hours


Be he subtle or flagrant, Satan is out to get us any way that he can. It doesn't matter to him if we go to Hell for impure acts or uncharitable behavior, for practicing witchcraft or embracing heresy - just so we turn away from God and embrace evil. So many are the wiles of the serpent and so sneaky his approach to human frailty, that Bill and Charles have given three continuous talks expounding on the various traps and snares that Satan lays for sincere Catholics. 5 hours 20 mins

Syllabus of Errors

The Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX in 1864 is an incisive document that pinpoints the nature of many errors (evils) that modern man wholeheartedly embraces. Thus, the document reemphasizes infallible Church teachings that have been clouded over time. This is one of our most challenging CDs because some of the errors which Piux IX lists are some of the most deeply-rooted beliefs held by Americans. Don't be surprised if some of the things on this list are concepts which you've believed in! As Mr. Coulombe states: "What you have here is a dogmatic examination of conscience." 1 hour


In this session, Bill and Charles tackle the question of whether or not there is life on other planets, and the baggage attached with that. For example, would the aliens have their own Adam & Eve, their own Fall? The duo also explore the various skeptical arguments: whether aliens are actually demons, the military, faeries (as written by St. Jerome), or perhaps a part of everyone's collective hysteria. 2 hours