From Benedict's Peace to Francis's War

From Benedict's Peace to Francis's War

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Catholics Respond to the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes on the Latin Mass

An anthology of 70 essays and articles by prelates and pastors, theologians and canonists, philosophers and cultural figures—including:

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller • Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke • Cardinal Gerhard Müller • Cardinal Robert Sarah • Cardinal Joseph Zen • Archbishop Thomas Gullickson • Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò • Bishop Rob Mutsaerts • Bishop Athanasius Schneider • Msgr. Charles Pope • Dom Alcuin Reid • Abbé Claude Barthe • Fr. John Hunwicke • Michael Brendan Dougherty • Ross Douthat • Edward Feser • Michael Fiedrowicz • Peter A. Kwasniewski • Phil Lawler • Martin Mosebach • George Neumayr • Joseph Shaw • and many others

Already on July 16, 2021, the reactions to Pope Francis’s severe restrictions on the traditional Latin Mass in Traditionis Custodes were like a river in full flood: articles, essays, interviews, podcasts—everywhere and from every point of view. An emotional, spiritual, intellectual dam had broken and the waters of discourse poured forth across the world. The sheer volume of writing occasioned by Traditionis Custodes is unlike anything seen in the history of papal documents—testimony to a neuralgic subject on which arguments proliferate and passions run high.

The two-month period following the release of the motu proprio gave proof that the traditionalist movement was no fringe phenomenon, but something that had gained significant strength and sympathy during the relatively peaceful years from 2007 to 2021 (the “Pax Benedictina” to which the book’s title refers). The purpose of this volume is to gather in one convenient place some of the finest and most appreciated essays and articles published in the period from mid-July through September of this fateful year, 2021—not only from America and England (although these predominate), but also from other nations: France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Kazakhstan, and China.

This book is not, and makes no pretense of being, a presentation of “both sides of the argument.” It offers a variety of critiques of this profoundly unwise and unpastoral decree, which suffers from incoherent doctrinal foundations, grave moral and juridical defects, and impossible ecclesiological implications.

Peter Kwasniewski:
Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Thomistic theologian, liturgical scholar, and choral composer, is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College in California and The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He taught at the International Theological Institute in Austria and the Franciscan University of Steubenville's Austria Program, then helped establish Wyoming Catholic College in 2006. There he taught theology, philosophy, music, and art history and directed the choirs until leaving in 2018 to devote himself full-time to writing and lecturing. Today he contributes regularly to many websites and publications, including New Liturgical Movement, OnePeterFive, LifeSite News, Rorate Caeli, The Remnant, and Catholic Family News, and has published nine books, including three previous books on traditional Catholicism: Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis, Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness , and Tradition and Sanity. His work has been translated into at least thirteen languages.

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Barbara Swan
All in one volume!

Dr. Kwasniewski has compiled the best of the early reactions to Traditionis Custodes in one volume. I’m sure a second (and maybe a third) will follow as adherents of the Vetus Ordo have no intention of backing off.

Fr. Wilberto Reyes Garced
The reality of today's pontificte

Clarity, precision, objectivity are adjectives of this great book. It is a work of erudition and solid liturgical doctrine with undeniable fidelity to our Catholic Faith and Tradition. With this book you can receive an excellent help and instruction with a rare common sense that put in evidence the worst liturgical crisis the Catholic Church ever suffered.

John Minjares
Perfect Wake Up Call for all Catholics.

This book is a perfect wake up call for all Catholics blind to the crisis in the Catholic Church today under the rule of an evil pope. Anyone who doubts, denies, or flatly refuses to believe so will have all the proof they need in this collection of essays responding to the recent and most diabolical motu proprio in Church history "Tradiciones Custodes."

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