Who Designed the Designer?

Who Designed the Designer?

Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
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The “New Atheists” are pulling no punches. If the world of nature needs a designer, they ask, then why wouldn't the designer itself need a designer, too? Or if it can exist without any designer behind it, then why can't we just say the same for the universe and wash our hands of a designer altogether?

Interweaving its pursuit of the First Cause with personal stories and humor, this ground-breaking book takes a fresh approach to ultimate questions. While attentive to empirical science, it builds its case not on authoritative pronouncements of experts that readers must take on faith, but instead on a nuanced understanding of universal principles implicit in everyone's experience.

Here is essential reading for all people who care about contemplating God, not exclusively as a best-explanation for the findings of science, but also as the surprising-yet-inevitable implication of our commonsense contact with reality. Augros harnesses such intellects as Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas, ushering into the light a wealth of powerful inferences that have hitherto received little or no public exposure. The result is an easygoing yet extraordinary journey, beginning from the world as we all encounter it and ending in the divine mind.

Editorial Reviews

“I know of no other book about the existence and nature of God that is as readable and enjoyable as this one.  Readers will find the ride exhilarating enjoy the ride.  They may also discover that they are becoming philosophers themselves.”  
- Thomas Hibbs, Ph.D., Honors College Dean, Baylor University 

 "Finally! A book that tackles the ‘big questions’ in ways everyday readers can understand and appreciate. Using personal stories, engaging examples, humor, and common experiences, Augros builds an argument for God that opens readers' minds and finds common ground among atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians.”
- Danielle Bean, Editor, The Catholic Digest

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