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Knox Bible

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The Knox Bible is the ideal translation for those looking to deepen their understanding of the Holy Scriptures. It was hailed as the finest translation of the 20th Century, approved for liturgical use and was endorsed by Pope Pius XII, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and many more.

In the early 20th century, Msgr. Ronald Knox embarked on an entirely new English Bible. He wanted a Bible that did not merely translate the original but made it read as if an Englishman had written it. His translation is spiritual and literary, graceful and lyrical, making it one of the most beautiful vernacular versions of the Holy Bible.

The unique features of the Knox Bible are:

  • Translated from the Latin Vulgate and compared with the Greek and Hebrew texts singlehandedly by Ronald Knox over nine years.
  • Uses timeless English, which is both sacral and reverent.
  • Set in a single-column format with verse references placed at the side of the text in order to provide a clear and easily readable Bible.
  • The full Bible is now available again for the first time in over 50 years, in an edition from Baronius Press, beautifully bound in leather with gilt edges.
  • The translation of the Bible by Ronald Knox was officially made at the request of the Bishops of England and Wales, although Knox had wanted to try his hand at updating the language of the Bible for some time.

It had been the desire of a succession of bishops for almost a 100 years to create a new Bible translation to replace the Douay Rheims edition. This Bible which had served English speaking Catholics since the time of the reformation had undergone several revisions, but was filled with archaic language, making it incomprehensible in a few places.

Originally, it was hoped that Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, the most famous convert to Catholicism of the 19th Century would translate the Bible, but this project was never begun. In his book, The Idea of a University, Blessed John Henry Newman pointed out the “great difficulty in combining the two necessary qualities, fidelity to the original and purity in the adopted vernacular.”

Although the Douay translation was much loved and gave many passages of Holy Scripture that are still well-known today, it was felt that the translation was too difficult to understand. A new translation would bring the gospel message to a much wider audience.

The English bishops gave him permission to start just before World War II broke out. It was initially planned that he would report his work to a team of evaluators, but the wartime difficulty of communication made that impractical, so he worked entirely on his own. When it came out after the war, there was some predictable criticism from people who liked either the King James version or Challoner’s revision of the Douay-Rheims. Knox even wrote a small booklet to explain how he had gone about translating the Bible in order to placate the critics.

Knox’s bible also received great acclaim when it was first published. Time magazine called Knox the “man who made the great 20th century bible.”

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury of the time recommended it, and it became the preferred translation of Fulton Sheen. The Bishops were so pleased with the completed version that it was authorized for liturgical use, and the Knox translation of the Bible was used as the official version in the churches of Great Britain, Ireland and Australia for the decade leading up to Vatican II – and the first version sanctioned for liturgical use in England and Wales.

Customer Reviews

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Paula Loud
A Beautiful Edition of the Knox Translation!

This beautiful edition of the Knox Translation was an early Christmas gift to myself. The customer service from Tumblar House is five- star. I own several editions of the Holy Bible. As a teacher of Adult Bible Studies in my local fellowship, I always welcome anything that will reinforce my love for and study of the Scriptures.

This translation is not what I would use as a study Bible per se, but what a joy to read. This was a labor of love painstakingly translated by Monsgr. Knox from the Latin Vulgate. There are some excellent footnotes, but the page layout of this edition is more like a book with lines across the page versus the standard columnar format. That being said, it is an absolute joy to read. I found I was immersed right from the beginning when I read the Creation account. This is a reader's Bible and the written Word is translated beautifully in language which is poetic as it is poignant. I love the poetic quality as it is somewhat reminiscent of the King James Version, but far more approachable with less archaic words.

The people at Tumblar packed this for shipping with great care and it arrived in excellent shape. It was perfect for celebrating my recovery from a recent bout with cancer as the Scriptures provided me with the strength and encouragement my soul needed during that time.

Man shall not live by bread aline, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth if God. Add this Bible to your library and spiritual arsenal.

Xavier Velasco
Traditional and Beautiful

Beautifully bound and beautifully translated. The typ in this edition is also tastefully set and easy to follow. Fr. Knox’s translation reminds me of the Douay mixed with the beautiful prose found in writer’s like Tolkien and Chesterton. A work like this gives me hope for the Anglo-sphere, a world in which language is so often corrupted. I believe this translation of the Bible can help convert the Anglo-sphere to the one true Faith.

Michael S.
Clear and Beautiful

The Knox Bible is the most beautiful book I own. Baronius Press produces quality. Knox's translation is also beautiful in it's clarity. Passages that seem cloudy or unintelligible in another version are presented in this one by a master teacher. In several places, you might find yourself thinking, "Now, I get it!" This would make a great gift for anyone who likes Bibles. It's a great readers' version too, with single column text and just a few footnotes to explain translation variances. Well worth the price. I've never had a book made this well.

I love this Bible!

The Knox translation is a very fascinating read. Loved learning about Monsignor Knox.

Kim Laclair
Knox Bible

I love this Bible, I dont want to put it down. Its more easily read and understood due to its eloquently translated version of scripture . It popped up as a suggested buy and I don't regret the purchase!


This is, in my humble opinion, the best bible for casual, reflective reading. It retains the beauty of the bible, in fact, it expands it, while also making it far more readable than something like the D.R. (I own 3-4 different Douay Rheims, I love them, but this is way more readable and the prose is more beautiful to modern eyes).
This bible makes reading the gospels not only edifying, but fun. There is a certain medieval flair to every passage- it reminds me of Tolkien. Reading this bible is a great way to get hooked on scriptural and spiritual reading.

Ave Maria

Douay Rheims beauty and RSV readability

It's got the beauty of the Douay-Rheims, but it is a little easier to read.
Fr. Knox was very diligent in putting together this translation and he is to be commended very much!

David Barber

Knox Bible

TJ Green
The Knox Bible

Best of the modern English translations of the Bible along side the "original" Jerusalem Bible (1966 from French)...(but still prefer the Douay-Rheims)....

Wonderful Biblical Translation

The Knox translation is an essential version of the Bible for the English-speaking faithful to read in my opinion. My favorite aspect of this book is that it feels like an updated version of the Douay-Rheims. Both translations are primarily based off of the Latin Vulgate, but this version uses language that, while still formal in nature, is much easier to read compared to the Douay-Reims' more antiquated verbiage. Despite bein easier to read, at no point does the translation feel that it has been oversimplified for modern audiences. Msr. Knox did a wonderful job with this translation of the Bible, and it is now the primary version that I use when reading scripture.

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