Beyond Politics

Beyond Politics

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Because the democratic process operates apart from the Church, it possesses no corrective against corrupted human nature beyond its own equally corrupt judiciary, which ends by judging not only points of law but morality itself.

There is no mention of the family in the U.S. Constitution, nor in any others patterned on its principles, and that in itself is ominous. With the onset of democracy, the family's juridical standing disappeared, along with that of God and His Church. Nor is there any mention of marriage, upon which the family rests as a social institution above all others. From the moment all men were declared equal, the family was legally replaced by the individual as basic cell and archetype of society. In other words, family rights simply disappeared into "the Rights of Man."

In a radio broadcast in 1949 Pius XII said, "Counterfeiting God's designs in social matters has taken place at the very root, by deforming the divine image in man. For his true figure as a creature with an origin and destiny in God, has been substituted the false portrait of a man autonomous in conscience, uncontrolled master of himself, irresponsible towards his neighbor and the social group, with no destiny beyond the earth, with no purpose beyond enjoying finite goods, with no law beyond the 'fait accompli' and the undisciplined satisfaction of his desires."

In addition to the previously mentioned topics, Hertz also addresses the clashes between science and faith, the Secret of La Salette, papal politics, and the apocalyptic "abomination of desolation." Whether you agree with her or not, Solange Hertz causes us to reconsider basic assumptions of the Brave New World that we live in; assumptions we might otherwise have never questioned in our lives. Because of its thought-provoking nature, Beyond Politics is a must-read for all Catholics who are seeking to preserve their Faith.

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 History which deals only with visible events cannot be real history, for it takes into account only one part of reality, and the less important part of reality at that. The chapters which follow might therefore be described as sallies into meta-history, tentative probes into that indeterminate region lying on the crust of the material world just below the vast invisible realm above it and just above that other realm below it. There, in juncture between time and eternity, the apparent causes of human events can be glimpsed momentarily conjoined with the real causes which lie beyond and just out of sight. The terrain remains the same, but in the half-light thrown upon it by divine revelation, secrets both loathsome and glorious may be suddenly disclosed to the beholder.

Such is the theme running through this text, which is a compilation of articles and talks which have been published in one form or another in The Remnant or other Catholic periodicals. The original versions of “Lucifer’s Primacy,” “Our Lady’s Apocalypse,” “Recanting Galileo,” and “Hell’s Amazing Grace” figured among the Big Rock Papers published by the author in the decade after 1973. The chapter on Galileo also appeared in the scientific quarterly once known as the Bulletin of the Tychonian Society now become The Biblical Astronomer. The author confides the dissemination of these pages, along with the souls of her readers, to the Holy Souls in Purgatory.


Solange Hertz

Big Rock, Leesburg, Virginia

Our Lady of La Salette, September 19, 1994

Solange Hertz's Biography:
Solange Hertz

An established writer before the Second Vatican Council, Solange Hertz wrote for most Catholic periodicals and had five books to her credit, one a selection of the Catholic Literary Foundation. When she refused to adjust her theology to the new “Spirit of Vatican II,” her manuscripts almost overnight became unacceptable to her former editors. After a series of articles on feminine spirituality for the old Triumph magazine, she continued speaking for tradition by successfully producing The Thought of Their Heart and Sin Revisited on her own.

Customer Reviews

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Stimulates the mind like few others will

I knew little about Solange's work until I read this book and I can honestly say that this book stimulated thoughts like few other books I have ever read. An idea will be presented that, at first, you think sounds crazy. However, the more you read, the more you start to entertain these ideas and come to realize that you agree with more than what you thought you would. She may even change your mind completely on a subject that you thought settled. Few times do I come back repeatedly to subjects presented in books to think about them time and again, but this is one work that will do it.

A thought-provoking must-read book.

Readers beware. This book should come with a warning label on it because in it are radical ideas, many of which will offend people with strong values to the contrary. In Beyond Politics, you will hear opinions on issues that you didn't even realize were issues.

But it should be clarified what is meant by "radical ideas." Normally the word "radical" has a very negative connotation to it, implying that the person or idea is extreme, crazy, and ultimately wrong. In this instance it merely means "very different." No doubt, there will be some ideas you will vehemently disagree with, while others you're more inclined to agree with, all of them being radical in nature.

Hertz's writing is filled with such passion and conviction that it will both energize and wear you down at the same time. Ultimately the most valuable aspects of Beyond Politics aren't the answers she gives, but rather the lingering questions she poses that won't go away in your mind. And that's what makes Beyond Politics a must-read.