Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within

Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within

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The Catholic Church has always been in a state of crisis, from the early Christian martyrdoms and persecutions, to the Great Schism, to the Protestant, and then the Enlightenment.

However,  during the 19th century, new wicked threats began to emerge. Various societies which are governed  by modernist and Marxist ideologies, began developing a plan to attack the Catholic Church from within. Their goal was quite simple: to change the Church’s doctrine, liturgy, and mission to suit their own diabolical purposes.

Infiltration by Dr. Taylor Marshall, is a gripping and well-researched book that draws back the curtain on the heinous plans of these groups, showing how they have effectively infiltrated many different areas of the Church’s hierarchy, from the priesthood all the way up to cardinal-electors.

Arm yourself with this book. It will open your eyes to the treacherous landscape that the Church currently finds herself in.


Transcript of Video (Slightly abridged and paraphrased for brevity and clarity)

Vincent: Infiltration. Very obscure book by an obscure author, Taylor Marshall. Have you heard of him? No I kid. Because if you haven’t heard of Taylor Marshall yet, you’ve been living under a rock.

Charles: Which is a nice place to live these days actually.

Vincent: That’s actually true. So, we have a question. I recently opened up my copy of Taylor Marshall’s book Infiltration to see Charles had a role in shaping it. I have never heard of Dr. Marshall before opening this book and wasn’t expecting to see Charles’s name. My question is: what does Charles think of this book? What was his role?

Charles: I wrote it. Taylor Marshall doesn’t exist, it’s a pseudonym, there’s no such person, I am he.

Vincent: He’s going to sue you!

Charles: He’ll make the same claim on his show. “There’s no Charles Coulombe. It’s me!” He’s going to claim that he’s me.

Vincent: Why would he claim that he’s you?

Charles: Why would I claim that I’m him? You’re trying to make sense.

Vincent: Well this book has over 1,000 book reviews on Amazon. Taylor Marshall’s popularity is completely blowing up. It’s everywhere! Ah, see, Taylor Marshall, being a good trad, has got Our Lady of La Salette right here!

Charles: You bet! He’s also got a foreword by Bishop Athanasius Schneider. But to answer your question, I read the manuscript before it was published.

Vincent: So privileged!

Charles: Well, he asked me to look for any historical errors or anything that might come up. And there were a few things, nothing big. But it was the kind of thing… if you’re asserting a particular thesis, and you’re saying some historic figure was wearing a blue tie on the night of October 13, 1928, and he was actually wearing a gold one. “Oh well the whole book is trash! He got the tie color wrong!” So you want to minimize those kinds of mistakes.

Vincent: Right, he’s dotting his Is and crossing his Ts.

Charles: Right. That was all it was. And I maybe picked up a few things like that. It was nothing major. Well it was a challenging book. I think one thing that people should understand is that the Church at any given moment lives in a hostile environment called the world. Normally, there are, shall we say, antibodies within the Body of Christ, to repel most of the problems. But every now and then the immune system breaks down. And when it does… Oh Lordy! And basically this is the story of some of that. It talks about secret societies like freemasonry, it talks about Communist infiltration, it talks about all kinds of things. The important thing to remember is that none of those things could have succeeded, had the Church been healthy.

Vincent: That’s true! You make this point that healthy organisms are able to repel infection.

Charles: Yes, and when they’re not healthy, they’ve got problems. Why had Martin Luther succeeded when so many others had failed? You had many pre-existing reasons. Anyhow, Infiltration is a good book in illustrating how we got here.

Vincent: I think it’s important because not everyone knows these things. In the trad world, everybody kind of knows about freemasons and communists, but there’s a lot of vanilla, moderate Catholics out there who have no idea, and sometimes there are certain people out there where a lightbulb turns on in their head, and they say “There are major problems, I need to amp up my prayers.”

Charles: Which is always the case. We always need to amp up our prayers, I don’t care who you are.

Vincent: Got the book on sale at, shootout to Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon.

Charles: Ya, I’ve got to tell you the truth. I’m Tim Gordon too.

Vincent: You’re Tim Gordon too?

Charles: Ya, I’m Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon. Which is why we had trick photography with all three of us in one program.

Vincent: Wow! Yeah, that’s something! It was just three separate recordings of you!

Charles: I was just talking to myself. Wasn’t that neat? You know, the fact that my two persona are married and I’m single… it just shows you how truly adept I am. No, Taylor Marshall is a person and Tim Gordon is as well.

Editorial Reviews

"Riveting. What an incredible work of brilliance and generosity. Many scholars give in to the temptation to showcase brilliance by leaving concepts obscure. Marshall has synthesized historical and philosophical thought simply and succinctly making it accessible to all. What a treasure for the faithful. My highlighter ran dry after only half-way through."

John-Henry Westin

We must examine the very roots of the crisis, which, to a decisive extent, can be identified as Taylor Marshall has done in this book as an infiltration of the Church by an unbelieving world. 

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Taylor Marshall's Biography:
Taylor Marshall

Taylor Marshall writes both fiction and non-fiction. His debut novel Sword and Serpent reached #1 Amazon Bestseller in Young Adult Religious Historical Fiction and #1 Amazon Bestseller in Young Adult Religious Action. His favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, Evelyn Waugh, CS Lewis, and Thomas Aquinas. As a college professor and father of eight children, he stirs up his literary passion for relating profound truths in ways that are fun and intriguing. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. His dissertation was titled: "Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law and the Twofold Beatitude of Humanity. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University (BA, Philosophy) Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR, Systematic Theology), Nashotah Theological House (Certificate in Anglican Studies), and the University of Dallas (MA, Philosophy). Taylor and his wife Joy live in Colleyville, Texas with their eight children.


Customer Reviews

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A Beginning to Something New

This political history is a fitting beginning to something new in Church politics. While less of a grand narrative than happenstance might suppose, this book compiles critical information giving dates, faces, and names, penetrating the obscurities that shadow Church Militant attempting to overtake her with violence, heresy, conspiracy, scandal, and the endless chaos of evil which make amuck and merit our resistance. Dr. Marshall supplements his thesis of origins of contemporary crises of authority with careful weighing of private revelations and prophecies, most importantly of our Lady, mother Mary. He names the threads of error in the Last Days of the Papal States, fits to size the Nouvelle Theologie and related crudities, and places the V2 characters on stage contrasting this new seamless garment with the polity of Freemasonry, as it informs our immediate activity in the Church, whether it's disputations over the Papacy or the sanctity of the liturgy, or the false prophets of V2 Council, forging their fraudulent ways with false peace. This book is weighty, but also moderate, and is definitely very informative and edifying. Much love to Dr. Marshall and family.

Incredible Read

I have read this book twice now, actually i have listened to it once over two days. and then I took a week of evenings once my children were in bead and read through the text. I highlighted 125 passages on that second pass through. It is an incredible read. I believe it is a book that any Catholic would benefit from reading, weather traditionalist, modernist, convert, revert or life long Catholic. And i love that the book ends with asking for prayer.

I strongly encourage you to give this book a read, and like the end of the book be praying! Be praying for Taylor, for our Church, for us, and for a cleanup of the temple!

A concise overview of Church history over the last 100 years

Out of all the periods in Church history, the century that seems to be least understood and most shrouded in mystery is oddly enough the 20th century. Reading a history of the Church in the 20th century has always felt incomplete, like the pieces weren't all coming together. It was a century of unimaginable change in the Church, yet no history can fully explain what led up to these earth shattering changes. How did the Church so completely reject so much of its tradition and doctrine? Historians have a rather clear picture of the Church in the 13th century during the tumultuous Pontificate of Boniface VIII and the Church in the 4th century as it combated the Arian heresy. Some details of the Church's doing is these centuries might have been lost but we understand the general zeitgeist of the period. Why then is it that the century closest to our time is so poorly understood? What pieces are missing? Dr. Marshall's book excellently fills in the gaps to help us understand just what happened during this important time.

While the book begins with an overview of communist and free-masonic ideas and agendas it quickly moves into examining the history of prominent cardinals as well as every pontiff from Leo XIII to Francis. In this way it prevents itself from reading like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory and instead moves from prelate to prelate citing personal biographies and communications to show that each one became more and more open to secular and modernist ideas all the way up until our current time. In this way Dr. Marshall is able to track these ideas and see where they infiltrated the Church and who propagated them. There is no doubt that modernism, socialism and secularism have entered the Church. You don't need Dr. Marshall's to tell you that, simply go to mass at the nearest Church, watch the liturgy and listen to the homily. What this book does is pinpoint how these ideas entered the Church and helps us understand how things came to be how they are.