6 Dates to Disaster

6 Dates to Disaster

Publisher: Write Integrity Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
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Book 3 of the Bird Face Series

When Wendy’s family faces financial hardship, she must find a way to see Mrs. V and Sam again—but will she lose David forever in the process?
For her mom’s birthday, Wendy finds an old jewelry box at a flea market—the perfect gift for someone who loves salvaged junk. But inside the box is a cryptic note that appears to have been written recently. Wendy’s curiosity leads her on a search with boyfriend David at her side, eager to help. Who wrote the note, and did the intended recipient ever see it?
But when Wendy’s stepfather loses his job, she needs more personal and urgent help—the financial kind. The family’s plan to visit Alaska on vacation is headed down the sewer like a hard Louisiana rain. How will Wendy ever see Mrs. V or Sam again?
An opportunity arrives in the form of tutoring Melissa, one of the Sticks, and Wendy’s money problems appear to be solved. Until the arrangement takes a turn that gets Wendy into trouble like never before. 
In the final months of ninth grade, she might lose everything she counted on for the future.
Sexuality: Mild

Parents of the main characters have divorced and remarried. Remarriage of the mother took place in church. Annulment is only implied, not explained.

There is some kissing.

Violence & Gore: None Profanity: None Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: None
Cynthia T. Toney's Biography:
Cynthia T. Toney

Cynthia is a former advertising designer, marketing director, and interior decorator who holds a BA in art education with a minor in history. She writes for preteens and teens because she wants them to know how wonderful, powerful, and valuable they are. At other jobs, she had trouble following directions and keeping her foot out of her mouth. While employed by a large daily newspaper, she rewrote some ad copy without permission and got reprimanded for it. At that point, she knew she was destined to become an author. It's probably best that she is now self-employed. In her spare time, when she's not cooking Cajun or Italian food, Cynthia grows herbs and makes silk accent pillows. If you make her angry, she will throw one at you. A pillow, not an herb. Well, maybe both.


Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Toney adds more excitement to the saga of Wendy's life!

Cynthia Toney adds more excitement to the saga of Wendy's life in this third book in her Bird Face Series. We meet again with all the old characters and friends, and some new ones. Wendy is learning what it's like to live in a blended family and to be in a relationship with David. She's also missing Mrs. V and Sam and desperately trying to make money to visit them in Alaska. Things are looking up in her new life, but as usual, the good times don't last and real life kicks in. And just when it looks like things could not be worse, they suddenly are. How does Wendy deal with it all? In usual Wendy fashion. 6 Dates to Disaster reminds us that there are consequences to all our actions. It reminds us that true friendships never die. And it reminds us that life is not always fair. If you're a fan of the first two books in this series, you will like this story too. It's a fun book, lined with the usual suspense, and spiced with a taste of Cajun.

Another fun story in the Bird Face series

Many of the characters you’ve come to love in the first two books are back, even if only through email. Main character Wendy Robichaud and her family face new struggles. And Wendy stumbles upon a new mystery, a cryptic note she finds in an old jewelry box that she bought as a present for her mother. Wendy makes some choices she doesn’t quite think through and they lead her into a ton of trouble.

A great book for young teens that gives the reader a lot to think about: family responsibilities; giving tough advice to a friend; making mistakes, owning up to it, and paying the price. I enjoyed the Cajun touches like this one, “My stomach flipped like a crab cake on a spatula.” I recommend this book for any teen, especially if they’ve enjoyed the first two books in this series.

Great book for teens

Six Dates to Disaster is the third book in Cynthia Toney’s Bird Face Series. This series follows the life of teen Wendy Robichaud. Wendy is a good kid whose seemingly innocent decisions lead to some trouble in her life. I found her predicament in this novel to be quite relatable. Often teens don’t purposely make bad choices but instead get into trouble as good intentions somehow spiral out of control. In this book Wendy finds herself trying to raise money to visit her beloved elderly friend, Mrs. V. Trying to achieve her goal leads to some problems with friends, relationship, family and school.
Cynthia Toney’s style is always easy to read, enjoyable and flows so easily that I find myself devouring her stories quickly. As with her other books, this novel deals with many everyday challenges that teens might face such as financial difficulties, blended families, issues with dating and friendships, as well as facing consequences for their actions. Readers of the previous books in this series will be happy to know all the wonderful characters from the first two books are back. I don’t know if the author is planning on writing a fourth novel in this series but she left me wondering what happens next and hoping for more.