The Mass and Its Folklore

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There are many good and popular English books on the Mass. Some of them treat the subject after the manner of a Rationale, explaining the significance of the prayers and ceremonies of the Eucharistic rite; others are historical and antiquarian, and elucidate the origin and evolution of the ceremonial—while of devotional books there is no end. This book, however, is a treatise on the folklore and minor antiquities of the Mass; by which are meant the various aspects and the numerous details of the Holy Sacrifice which have so impressed the minds of Catholics in the past as to leave permanent traces in the popular traditions and speech. The aim of this book is to stimulate love for the ancient Mass by showing how it was valued by our ancestors in ages of faith, and what our predecessors in the penal times willingly suffered for its sake. Foreword by Charles A. Coulombe.

"A very remarkable book by a very remarkable man...This little book can be a powerful inspiration." -- Charles A. Coulombe, author of Puritan's Empire

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Customer Reviews

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Fascinating and Unique

This book really gives the reader an insight on how valued the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was to the faithful of old in the penal times. The first half talks about the virtue of the Mass and how it was celebrated in the penal times. The 2nd half talks about specific parts of the Mass. There is a lot of detail and stories in here that will sure to inspire a new sense of awe and excitement when you go to Mass after reading. So much information that people have never heard of. Definitely recommend it as a gift for yourself and others.

Way back to the Mass

Those interested in the history of the church especially of the Brit. Isles will enjoy it . Those interested in the development of the liturgy will find insights aplenty. Even serious non-religious folklorists will be fascinated . It was a delight.

Compelling story of the Mass and its reverence and beauty

Lovely little book on some of the history of the Mass and its folklore - an insight into why certain traditions and items were used in the Mass, and a true depiction of how considerably the Mass is imprinted into old stories and ways of life. It is interesting to note how some of these customs still remain in the modern Latin Mass, if done well, and how strikingly these traditions are etched into remembrance and love of God and of the Faith and how they may be shown in the Mass. The book was not as extensive as I would have liked and thought (talking more comprehensively about the objects and rituals used during the Mass) but, rather, it was a compelling story of the Mass and the reverence and beauty surrounding it.

Just... wow.

This book is extraordinary for its old references and little details. Unless you're a top expert who has devoted his whole life to the subject, you will probably learn something (if not multiple somethings) from this book. Stop reading reviews. Just get it now!

renew your zeal with remnants of the old

This book renewed my zeal for the Mass by looking at the historical perspective on the Mass; to see how much our ancestors valued it, to see how much they were willing to risk for it. And it was a delight to see all the little folklore that developed out of their love of the Mass. My favorite was the belief that Mass prolongs one's life for as long as one goes to it. In other words, if you've spent a total of 1000 hours at Mass during your lifetime, your life would be elongated by 1000 extra hours. This is something that could never come out of our current society because I don't believe we share that same appreciation or love of the Mass that our ancestors did. Reinvigorate your faith by reading this book!

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