How to Become a Heroic Catholic

How to Become a Heroic Catholic

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Finally. Catholic apologetics written for teenagers, by a teenager! Too often my fellow Catholic teenagers and young adults struggle to explain to others why Catholicism is true. They're taught what  Catholics believe, but rarely are they taught why we believe what we believe.  This leaves a void, discouraging young Catholics from being bold and confident in discussing their faith with their  peers, friends, and family.  I take examples from the Bible and the Catechism to provide answers to some of the most questioned Catholic beliefs. I start simple with questions like "Why the Bible?"  before I  get into the more complex and controversial theological issues. I've taken what I know and brought it to a level that is easy, understandable, and simple for teenagers and young adults to grasp. I use quotes from the Early Church Fathers, like Sts. Athanasius, Ambrose, Ignatius, and  Augustine, to reveal how Catholicism is truly the same now as it was in its first years.  Once you know the "why", I teach you how to use this information. You'll know what to say, when to say it, and how to become a Heroic Catholic.
Catherine Stewart's Biography:
Catherine Stewart

I started writing for fun when I was 14 years old and entering high-school. First it was fiction, then poetry, and now my focus is on apologetics. Since I was in junior high I have been passionate about studying and learning how to defend what is important to me - first and foremost my Faith. I'm also an avid pro-life advocate, having been a leader in my pro-life club for three years, and working on ways to reach out to other teenagers on the issues surrounding the pro-life debate. Other interests include baking and decorating cakes for my home based business, painting, and lots of reading. I am now in my senior year of high school as a home-schooled student in South Louisiana. I look forward to growing in my understanding and love of Catholicism and spreading that knowledge with the world.


Customer Reviews

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An Excellent Read

This book written by a young adult and intended for teens and young adults has a lot to offer for that intended audience, but also for any Catholic adult wishing to go deeper in their faith. As I was reading this book, I kept thinking I wish I had read something like this in my teens, or even my twenties. I believe that if I had read a book like this, my faith that has bloomed and grown since my thirties would have been much stronger much sooner! This was an incredible read.

Stewart draws extensively from the bible, the catechism and from church history to argue her points. She writes in a very accessible and engaging manner. In fact it is easy to read through the whole book and immediately want to start reading it again. Her arguments and defences are based on sound reasons, incredibly well researched, and very well written. Her recommend reading includes what she considers 5 lighter or easier books and 7 deeper books. Ranging from Mike Aquilina and Tomas Aquinas to Kevin Vost and Patrick Madrid.

This was an excellent read, and I hope the author publishes more soon for I will be eager to read it.

Quite Excellent

I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of this book, and found it to be quite excellent. Ms. Stewart's HOW TO BECOME A HEROIC CATHOLIC is a comprehensive volume on key components of the Catholic faith, organized according to topic for study and debate. Each chapter is a perfect balance between succinct and detailed and may even serve as a helpful tool for quick reference post-reading. Additionally, it is presented in language that is easy to understand for youth, the target audience.

All in all, very impressive. This young author is certainly one to watch. She has already distinguished herself as a sound apologist. Bravo!