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Guide to Thomas Aquinas

Publisher: Ignatius Press
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
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The Guide to Thomas Aquinas, by Josef Pieper, is an incredibly detailed look into the life and works of one of the most acclaimed philosophers in history – St. Thomas Aquinas. Pieper mixes his genius with faith to comprehensively explore the 13th-century world of Thomas Aquinas and his famous synthesis of Christian spirituality balanced against objective knowledge and Aristotelian theory.

Striking a perfect balance between the religious and the secular, this book from one of the great twentieth-century philosophers offers a comprehensive insight into how faith can be reconciled with reason without either contradicting each other or pushing aside one’s beliefs. Pieper’s illuminating introduction creates an understanding between Christianity and realism that was essential for the development of this era and laid out guidelines on how it should still be practiced today.

The Guide to Thomas Aquinas is an invaluable book for anyone interested in discovering more about both Aquinas himself and his incredible ‘theologically founded worldliness’. Timely yet timeless, it is sure to stay relevant centuries after its original publication - giving readers a unique insight into the past while providing guidance for today.