Latest Column
The End of Democracy
Discover the true nature of democracy and the interests that it serves.
Editor's Choice
The Context of a Calling
God has a unique plan for you.
Discovering Columbus
The true story about Christopher Columbus
Kathy Griffin and the Vanishing of Argument
What has happened to dialogue in America?
Sin Revisited
Gluttony is not just about food. It is about seeking satisfaction of any of our appetites.
Land of the Free?
A Catholic Perspective on American History
The Trouble with Men
A Scriptural basis of men's spiritual struggles.
Are Catholics too willing to accommodate others?
Why the Church Must Regain Its Missionary Spirit
A convert expounds on the Church's mission of evangelization
The Trouble with Women
“You have to treat a woman like the devil,” remarks my husband. As my brows rise, he adds, “St. Ignatius Loyola said so.”
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