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Historical Articles by Charles Coulombe

Title Date Written
Anglophobia, Anglophilia, and the Cultural Apostolate 12-Mar-18
American Recusants 22-Feb-18
The Modern Quest for Enchantment II 17-Feb-18
Anglican and Catholic? 4-Feb-18
The Jacobites and the Patrimony 1-Feb-18
Is Charles I a Saint? (Part II) 30-Jan-18
Is Charles I a Saint? (Part I) 29-Jan-18
The Modern Quest for Enchantment 22-Dec-17
Why Americans should celebrate the Immaculate Conception 11-Dec-17
A Tale of Three Revolutions 29-Nov-17
The Sage of Milford: Remembering Andrew Rothovius 28-Oct-17
Battle of the Statues 11-Sep-17
Golden Jubilee of the Summer of Love 7-Aug-17
The Five Wounds and Joys of the Modern Church 14-Jun-17
Nostalgia, Revival, and Restoration 10-May-17
Easter-The "Other" Holiday 10-Apr-17
Along the King's Highway 27-Mar-17
Thoughts on the Sapphire Jubilee 15-Feb-17
Confessions of a 'Gladtrad' 4-Jan-17
We Need a Little Christmas - Or a Lot! 7-Dec-16
England and Always: Can These Bones Live? 30-Aug-16
Cookery, Cuisine, and the Soul 30-Aug-16
True and False Internationalism: Part 2 22-Aug-16
True and False Internationalism: Part 1 16-Aug-16
Transfiguring Your Life 8-Aug-16
Think Globally, Act Locally! 1-Aug-16
The Schizophrenia of the West 25-Jul-16
Finding Peace Amidst Conflict 18-Jul-16
Coming to a Point 21-May-12
After Brexit 11-Jun-16
Born on the Fourth of July? 4-Jul-16
Thoughts on White Rose Day 20-Jun-16
On Father's Day 19-Jun-16
What is America? 13-Jun-16
The Politics of the Sacred Heart 3-Jun-16
Can Chivalry Return 31-May-16
American Saudade 30-May-16
Quest for the Catholic State 23-May-16
The Rulers and the Ruled 17-May-16
England and Always: Coming Home 10-May-16
A-Hunting We Will Go 3-May-16
Hermetic Imagination 28-Apr-16
Hollywood on the Elbe 19-Apr-16
Evening Isles Fantastical 31-Mar-16
England and Always: Decline and Fall 12-Mar-16
The Lord of the Rings: A Catholic View 3-Mar-16
Conservative American Catholicism: Is There Such a Thing? 28-Feb-16
Rome and Romanticism 27-Feb-16
Romantic Conservatives: The Inklings in their Political Context 26-Feb-16
Why Opposing Evil is Not Enough 24-Feb-16
England and Always: Imperium et Libertas? 11-Jan-16
England and Always: Romance and Religion 21-Oct-15
England and Always: Good King George and the Dragon 3-Sep-15
England and Always: In the Good Old Colony Days 12-Aug-15
England and Always: When the King Enjoys His Own Again 16-Jul-15
England and Always: Separated by a Common Language 9-Jun-15
The Celtic Church - Myth and Reality II 18-May-15
The Celtic Church - Myth and Reality II 13-Apr-15
Longfellow and the Faith 23-Mar-15
The Pagan Temptation 11-Dec-14
Where Have All the Heroes Gone? 13-Nov-14
The Perfect Versus the Good 16-Jul-14
What do Universities Teach? 17-Jun-14
Seeking the Kingdom 7-May-14
Should the Good Times Roll? 28-Feb-14
What is Inculturation? 10-Feb-14
What is America? 28-Jan-14
What is Christendom? 13-Jan-14
Where Have All the Christians Gone? 17-Dec-13
Let Them Watch Crap 25-Nov-13
Angelic Hosts 24-Oct-13
Mary Our Queen 14-Sep-13
A New Road for Scouting? 31-Jul-13
The Sacred Heart and the Anglican Patrimony 20-Jun-13
Everything Old is New Again 18-May-13
The Fairy Skeleton of the Chilean Desert 15-May-13
Civil War in Venezuela? 21-Apr-13
Sanctifying the Earth, and Our Parishes 20-Apr-13
Obama Compliments a Woman, Draws Fire 8-Apr-13
The Porte 23-Mar-13
Will the Next Pope Be Crowned? 19-Feb-13
A Tale of Two Frances 10-Jan-13
Sacrum Imperium 17-Dec-12
Getting to Know the Holy Souls 19-Nov-12
The War Within the States 11-Nov-12
A Mirror Called Madonna 3-Nov-12
The Seven Saints of October 25-Oct-12
Oldest Daughter of the Church, II 25-Oct-12
The Spice of Death 16-Oct-12
Oldest Daughter of the Church 9-Oct-12
The Mexican Basket Case 8-Oct-12
Three Waves of Mediocrity 28-Sep-12
Fire in the East 20-Sep-12
Where Have All the Leaders Gone? 15-Sep-12
5 x 6 Feet Under 25-Aug-12
Will There Be Life on Mars? 15-Aug-12
A Furor Over Foreskins 27-Jul-12
Precious Blood, Holy Grail 26-Jul-12
God's Frozen People 19-Jul-12
Celebrity Schadenfreude 6-Jul-12
The Holy See in War and Peace 21-Jun-12
Return of the Kings 16-Jun-12
Someone Righteous This Way Went 8-Jun-12
One World Religion or Religion of One World? 16-May-12
Space: The Final Market 12-May-12
Chavez: Still Riding the Pink Tide 19-Apr-12
The United Nations and the Vatican 19-Apr-12
Baseball: LA's Thin Blue Line 5-Apr-12
Af-gone-istan 21-Mar-12
Balancing California's Budget Before it Falls Into the Ocean 15-Mar-12
The Church and Globalism 15-Mar-12
The Magyars' Revenge 8-Mar-12
Nostalgia: A Taste of the Eternal 27-Feb-12
Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies 20-Feb-12
Wailing About Whales: The Myth of Interspecies Slavery 12-Feb-12
Good Popes and Bad Popes 12-Feb-12
Politicians: Better Saint Than Sorry 16-Jan-12
The Fires This Time 8-Jan-12
Teetering Toward 2012 28-Dec-11
A California Christmas 19-Dec-11
Pedophiles in Tinseltown 11-Dec-11
Political Society v. Civil Society 29-Nov-11
Erin Goes Blah 23-Nov-11
The Great California Coyote Hunt 8-Nov-11
Halloween in the Golden State 28-Oct-11
Bye-Bye to Butch Broadcasters 10-Oct-11
Leftist Nostalgia on Modern Airwaves 3-Oct-11
The Fur Flies in West Hollywood 26-Sep-11
Trust-Busting the Digital Monopolies 12-Sep-11
Decline and Fall of the Anglo Empire 1-Sep-11
Mad Men: Escape to Camelot 26-Aug-11
The Love That Won't Shutup 18-Aug-11
A Tale of Two Riots 11-Aug-11
The Pink Elephant in the Schoolroom 18-Jul-11
Death of an Imperial Pen Pal 11-Jul-11
Yet Another Unglamorous Hollywood Scandal 28-Jun-11
The Ascended Masters of Mt. Shasta 21-Jun-11
Head Trips and Foreskin Snips 16-Jun-11
An Impermament Paradise Called California (Part Two) 7-Jun-11
An Impermament Paradise Called California 7-Jun-11
A Phony Shade of Green 3-May-11
World Government Aborning? 26-Apr-11
The Yank Who Drank at Oxford 19-Apr-11
Smokeasy, California! 1-Apr-11
The Old Paleos and the New 16-Jun-09
By His Enemies You Shall Know Him 13-May-09
Hats off to Arlen! 29-Apr-09
Life on Mars 16-Mar-09
Plight of the Emos 2-Mar-09
Where Everybody Knows Your Name 18-Feb-09
The War on the High Life 8-Feb-09
In Praise of the Writer's Strike 2-Feb-08
America: An Empire? 28-Dec-07
Learning to Love the French 21-Dec-07
Wooster Si, Murdoch No! 22-Nov-07
Three Los Angeles Prophets 4-Oct-07
Mahony and Murdoch: When Roger Met Rupert 30-Jul-07
Confederates and Catholics, Unite! 19-Jul-07
Could the Latin Mass Save Western Civilization? 9-Jul-07
Still Rebels, Still Tories 4-Jul-07
In Darkest New England 26-Jun-07