Manuscript Submissions

What We're Looking For:

Nonfiction that deals with anything related to philosophy, religion, history, or politics. We do not publish short stories, children's books, or poetry, and we rarely publish fiction.

What We Offer:

We have a relationship with Ingram Group, a national distributor. Through them, we get our books into Barnes & Noble,, and Borders. We work with a number of fantastic graphic artists which all have their various specialties and styles for book covers. We also have relationships with writers for quite a few magazines, newspapers, and online publications who are more than willing to give us book reviews. We split the profit 50/50 with our authors on both paperbacks and ebooks. They also get 10 free paperbacks and are also able to purchase additional books from us at 50% off the retail price.

Submission Guidelines:

Please send us your work via email. You can send us either a few sample chapters or the entirety of your work - whatever you feel is appropriate. Also in the email, please tell us what your marketing capabilities are i.e. facebook page, blog, journalist, etc. We also gladly welcome multiple submissions. The file can be a Microsoft Word Document or PDF.

Do not submit manuscripts via mail. No physical materials sent to us will be returned.

Send manuscripts to:

Tips for sending manuscripts to publishers:

1.) Tout your marketing acumen and capabilities.

2.) Explain what makes your book unique.

3.) Do not ask the publisher about what materials you should send them. Make a decision and send what you think is best.

4.) It is not effective to tell a publisher that you are exclusively sending your manuscript to them. You should be shopping your manuscript to all the publishers that fit your needs.