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Request a Book

For Customers:

We understand that a lot of people are looking to avoid buying books from mega corporate websites (who shall remain nameless). We are eager to accommodate readers who prefer buying from small businesses. Please list the books you are looking to buy in the form below.

If we are able to list your book(s), we will promptly add it to the website and email you notifying that your books are now available for purchase.

If we are unable to list your book(s), we can do research to recommend where you can purchase the book(s), for example, the publisher's website, etc.. 

For Authors:

If you are an author who would like to be listed and promoted on the bookstore, please give us a list of the titles you would like us to include alongside their ISBNs. We will let you know if we are able to add them to the store. In exchange for adding your book to the store, we would request at least one backlink from a website other than social media. Ideally it would be your personal author website. These links can either link to the bookstore homepage like so: Tumblar House Catholic Books, or they can link to your individual book pages after we put them up.

We look forward to helping authors in whatever way we can!

Request-a-Book Submission Form