Ways to Save and Earn Money

1. Save $5 when you submit a book review.

Receive a coupon for $5 off on orders of $10 or more, every time you submit a book review through the website!
Reviews give energy and life to our website. They are very important, which is why we will gladly reward our customers handsomely for any reviews they are willing to provide.

2. Take advantage of our Rewards Program

Earn points by doing very simple social media tasks. You can redeem $5 worth of points for 5 minutes of social media tasks. Earn $1 worth of reward points for each of these tasks:

  • Create an account on our website
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Even receive an extra $5 off for your birthday!
Redeem your points to earn discounts on your purchases. Everyone also earns 10 points for every $1 they spend. This amounts to a 10% discount for all of our loyal customers.

To start earning rewards, scroll up and click "Rewards" at the top right next to "Wishlist".

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Join Tumblar House. Do you have a blog or social media presence? Become an affiliate and earn a massive 25% of sales generated by your links. 

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It's that simple!

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