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8 Notes to a Nobody

Author: Cynthia T. Toney
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Write Integrity Press
Pages: 204
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"Funny how you can live your days as a clueless little kid, believing you look just fine ... until someone knocks you in the heart with it." 

Wendy Robichaud doesn't care one bit about being popular like good-looking classmates Tookie and the Sticks--until Brainiac bully John-Monster schemes against her, and someone leaves anonymous sticky-note messages all over school. Even the best friend she always counted on, Jennifer, is hiding something and pulling away. But the spring program, abandoned puppies, and high school track team tryouts don't leave much time to play detective. And the more Wendy discovers about the people around her, the more there is to learn.When secrets and failed dreams kick off the summer after eighth grade, who will be around to support her as high school starts in the fall?

8 Notes to a Nobody received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval. In its original edition, Bird Face, it won a 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Award, bronze, in the category Pre-teen Fiction Mature Issues.

Customer Reviews

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A compelling page-turner with heart.

8 NOTES TO A NOBODY is a compelling page-turner with heart. I finished it within a few days because of the way the writing and characters drew me into the story.

Wendy is a likable protagonist and becomes very "real" to readers through her individual quirks and strong narrative voice. I loved spending time with her and could relate to her lack of interest in following the "cool" crowd. Her friendship with a long-time friend brought with it a certain nostalgia, but also the bittersweet feeling that all of us feel with the passage of time.

Toney's writing style is a wonderful combination of clever turn-of-phrase and unique imagery. Her metaphors truly painted a picture in my mind and often were humorous, as well. It suited the story, as the writing style paralleled the personality of the main character.

While 8 NOTES is a work of contemporary realistic YA, I enjoyed the elements of mystery within, which added a sense of intrigue to the storyline. I could not wait to find out who was giving Wendy the notes, and found myself engaging in speculation as to his/her identity. While I will avoid spoiling the ending, I thought that it was a fitting resolution. I also enjoyed the sprinkling of romance and look forward to the inevitable development of a certain relationship in the next book.

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