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Everyday Meditations

Author: John Henry Newman
Format: Perfect Paperback
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Pages: 192
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Over the years, the brilliant and often voluminous scholarly writings of Bl. John Henry Newman (1801-1890), have drawn into the Church thousands more converts after him.

In this beautifully reproduced collection of his greatest devotions and meditations, we encounter not Newman the intellectual but Newman the simple Christian, on his knees face-to-face with God.

Discerning the voice of God was Newman's greatest desire. It awakened in him ceaseless prayer, countless good works, a profound love of the sacraments, and the habit of daily meditation which strengthened his will, deepened his understanding, and enkindled in him an ever greater love of God.

To help you discern God s voice daily, rest in it, and respond to it according to each day's opportunities and needs, Sophia Institute Press has here gathered fifty of Newman's most moving Christian meditations, each guaranteed to enkindle in your soul the very same kind of love they enkindled in his.

As they nurtured Newman's daily acts of conversion and finally made him worthy of the title Blessed, so will these Everyday Meditations call you to daily acts of conversion and finally lead you, as they led Newman, to bow down in awe before the depths of God s love.