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Holy Abandonment

Author: Dom Vitalis Lehodey O.C.R.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: TAN Books
Pages: 507
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Holy Abandonment is a profound, soul-stirring restatement of the theology of self-abandonment to Divine Providence.  Key to this powerful devotional practice-as the author points out-is the realization that all whatsoever happens to us in this life either has been allowed to happen by Almighty God, or He has sent to us directly as some kind of special cross or lesson or chastisement. The author - who also wrote the comprehensive The Ways of Mental Prayer - cites many famous Catholic writers in what is probably the most thorough study of "holy abandonment," or "conformity to God's Holy Will," that has yet appeared in English.  Point after point is covered by numerous poignant examples from the lives of the Saints and from passages from noted writers on the subject.  He distinguishes between the "Signified Will of God" and His "Will of Good Pleasure."  He discusses also the meaning of abandonment, the role of prudence on our part, how our desires and petitions and efforts fit into the picture, the role of suffering and self-oblation, the nature of detachment, faith and confidence in Divine Providence, abandonment in temporal things, abandonment in external things, health and sickness, reputation, humiliations, persecutions, failures, darkness of mind, insensibility, disgust, impotence of will, spiritual poverty, peace, fear of God, simplicity and liberty, constancy, joy and a number of other similar topics.  Holy abandonment has nothing to do with fatalism or personal inertia, he says, but entails our constant, intelligent, loving union with God's Holy Will. "Do you see how we ought to measure our humility?" he quotes St. Francis de Sales.  "By obedience.  If you obey with promptitude, sincerity and joy, you are truly humble.  For without humility, it is impossible to have true obedience.  Obedience requires us to be submissive, and he that is truly humble renders

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