Manual of Indulgences

Manual of Indulgences

Publisher: USCCB
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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
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This exclusive English-language translation of the Manual on Indulgences explains what indulgences are and provides the many devotional prayers associated with them.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Resource

If you are interested in indulgenced prayers - and you should be, if only for the relief you can daily provide to the souls in Purgatory! - this book is an excellent resource. It contains the official promulgation of indulgenced prayers and practices that is current in the Church as of the writing of this review. I learned so many practices had indulgences attached that I had never realized. I highly recommend this invaluable book!

Better than reading online

Most of this information is available online for free. However, it is helpful to be able to have everything on paper. The book format also makes it more likely you will try out different ways of getting an indulgence. Most of us tend to only do the same one or two, if any.

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