Meditations and Devotions

Meditations and Devotions

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To pray is to be a Christian, to be a Saint is to have prayed often. John Henry Cardinal Newman was a man of prayer and this book contains the culmination of his prayers and devotions, divided into three sections.

The first and second part of this book contain the vocal prayers he wrote for public use, the litanies, the Stations of the Cross and short meditations. The long meditations in the third part of the book are intended for private use, which draw one into deeper intimacy with Our Lord.

The prayers are also a testament to his particular devotion to Our Lady, with moving commentaries on several of her titles from the Litany of Loreto. These commentaries are tender and profound, yet without any trace of sentimentality.

Newman’s meditations are full of doctrine. Doctrine is the expression of Truth, and above all things, Newman longed to bear witness to the Truth. It is from the Scriptures, the Church Fathers and the living Church that Newman drew his doctrine, and in his meditations he made it his own.

Editorial Reviews

Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia
"Blessed John Henry Newman is remembered for the brilliance of his mind and the persuasive power of his writing. But above all, Newman touches the heart. He wins the reader with clarity and beauty, as evidenced on every page of this wonderful book. His work is a labor of joy; it changes us for the better. Everyday Meditations is the kind of book that, if taken to heart, draws us into the arms of God."

James D. Conley, S.T.L., Bishop of Lincoln
"Everyday Meditations will change your life. Blessed Newman's reflections will speak to your heart helping you grow in faith, hope and love."

Fr. C. John McCloskey, Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute
"Who would not want to have arguably the greatest theologian and convert maker of the last two centuries at his side as he enters into conversation with the Lord on a daily basis? This book will help you immensely in your struggle for holiness and winning the world for Christ and His Church."

Stratford Caldecott, Director of the Centre for Faith & Culture, Oxford
"It is sometimes hard to pray, and often we are distracted from God's presence, though He never leaves us. Nothing makes it easier to remember Him than to follow the prayers and meditations of a holy person such as Newman: we become like children, led by the hand of a gentle and kindly father; or like wanderers once lost in the dark, following the warm light from an open doorway. These prayers and meditations are from Newman's heart, and this new edition of them is a great gift."

Pope Benedict XVI
"Blessed John Henry s teaching on prayer explains how the faithful Christian is definitively taken into the service of the one true Master, who alone has a claim to our unconditional devotion."

John Henry Newman:
John Henry Newman

St. John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was a poet and theologian. One of the most beloved writers and saints of English Christianity, he was first an Anglican priest and founder of the Oxford Movement, and later became a Catholic priest and cardinal. His autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, is one of the great Christian classics.

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Weighty and wonderful musings in a practical package

An incredible and practical collection of various meditations and devotions, written with Saint Newman's brilliance, insight and gift for language.

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