Terror of Demons

Terror of Demons

Publisher: Our Lady of Victory Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 196
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 Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity

In this book, Kennedy Hall takes you on a journey through the traditional wisdom of the Catholic Church throughout the ages on all things pertaining to masculinity. It is no secret that in our day it is hard to define what a man truly is, let alone how he should act. There are so many obstacles and traps in modern day society that hinder forming virtuous men. Kennedy Hall provides a solution with this guidebook. Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity will help men of all ages and stages in life to develop heroic masculine virtue, something greatly needed in our time.

This book is now out of print and will be republished by TAN, so these are the last few copies of what will be a collector's item.

Customer Reviews

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Levi Schroer
Great book on masculinity

An excellent book for for Catholic men trying to live their faith in the climate of today’s society. A clear, easy to read book that doesn’t try to sugarcoat things and provides men with challenges to improve their prayer life and better fulfill their role as husbands and fathers. Highly recommend.

Rick in Wisconsin
A breath of fresh catholic air

I just finished this book today. I read it slowly to capture all the insights. I am grateful to the author for writing it and glad for sure that I found it. This will be a help to families that want to live on. Dad's are the focus but Mom's should read this too and support the men and boys in their lives toward living an authentic and sustainable catholic life. Our traditions are being erased today. Just treading water and passing some traditions on that will sustain the future generations is what may bring a smile to our Lord's face.

Brad Withers
Great read

St Joseph has really been working lately...Blessed be God in His angels and in His Saints!

Michael Smith
It’s Time To Fight Effeminacy

As Christians we need to fight against effeminacy (an unwillingness to do the right thing because it’s hard). The book gives practical advice for being a strong Christian man. I’ve given copies to all the men in my family and all have enjoyed it and found it to be helpful.

Nathan Bord
Highly Recommended

I am four chapters in, and so far it has fortified, clarified, & edified. It is very practical, and this has great value; I am able to implement these traditional teachings & practices to strengthen, repair, and build up the Mystical Body of Christ in the here and now. Highly Recommended To All Catholic Men.

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