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The Benedict Option

Author: Rod Dreher
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Sentinel
Pages: 272
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How should Christians respond to a faith in the margins? What option is available for the church when living in a nation that is cut off from its Christian roots and quickly falling into a new Dark Age? Is there a middle path, between those who call for a complete separation and rejection of the world in which we live and those who rationalize and accommodate the world to preserve comfort and privilege?In a radical new vision for the future of Christianity, New York Times bestselling author and conservative columnist Rod Dreher issues a manifesto and clarion call for American Christians to prepare for the coming Dark Age by considering how the practices of an ancient Christian way of life?the Benedictine way initiated by sixth-century monk, St. Benedict of Nursia?can be applied and lived out within today's Church. In The Benedict Option, Dreher draws on the authority of Scripture and the wisdom and example of St. Benedict of Nursia, a sixth-century monk who created a new, enduring way of life for Christians based on principles of order, hospitality, stability, community and prayer.

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