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The Dictator Pope

Author: Marcantonio Colonna
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Regnery
Pages: 256
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Marcantonio Colonna's The Dictator Pope has rocked Rome and the entire Catholic Church with its portrait of an authoritarian, manipulative, and politically partisan pontiff. Occupying a privileged perch in Rome during the tumultuous first years of Francis's pontificate, Colonna was privy to the shock, dismay, and even panic that the reckless new pope engendered in the Church's most loyal and judicious leaders. The Dictator Pope discloses that Father Jorge Bergoglio (the future Pope Francis) was so unsuited for ecclesiastical leadership that the head of his own Jesuit order tried to prevent his appointment as a bishop in Argentina. Behind the benign smile of the "people's pope" Colonna reveals a ruthless autocrat aggressively asserting the powers of the papacy in pursuit of a radical agenda.

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A true insider look of a vast machinery

Based on this book, it looks like the problems which the Vatican are facing right now will continue into the foreseeable future. In that sense, this book helped me temper my expectations. We know there's a lot of moving parts in the Vatican. But in the book, it is very tough keeping track of everyone. A lot of names that you'll hear once, and never again.

The author traces the absolutely extraordinary sequence of events that had to transpire in order for Bergoglio to become bishop, then cardinal, then Pope. From my perspective, this had to be Divine Providence and God's plan.

I read this book because I wanted a true insider look from a journalist with integrity. We live in an age where a journalist has yet to ask the pope a simple question like "Are you going to answer the Dubia?" I believe this author was very courageous to pen this book, and reveal his actual name (Henry Sire). It's a tough book to read in a sense, because it's exposing realities which aren't pleasant to think about. Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth will set you free. If you're interested in the truth about what's going on in the Vatican, read this book.

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