Unbelief: Its Causes and Cure

Unbelief: Its Causes and Cure

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In this classic work praised by Pope Pius IX himself, Fr. Nicolas J. Laforet lays out the spiritual causes of unbelief, and shows the antidotes necessary to remedy each of those failings.

Noting that unbelief is not a particularly modern phenomenon (after all, many people refused to believe in Jesus even after having witnessed his miracles), Fr. Laforet uncovers the common roots of unbelief as well as the sure remedies that finally bring men and women to have faith in God.

Fr. Laforet shows that although many think otherwise, unbelief is not merely a matter of the intellect; on the contrary, where unbelief prevails we almost invariably find bad will: souls who have either not seriously considered the claims of Christianity or who simply refuse to admit truths that are evident to anyone who inquires with an open mind.

From the fruits of his spiritual and psychological analysis of the roots of unbelief, Fr. LaForet then crafts a simple but powerful remedyone that is sure to bring to Christ any reasonable person who honestly employs it.

No wonder the great Cardinal James Gibbons treasured this book, "I consider its value beyond price, and highly recommend it to all, especially in these days of doubt and denial."

Among the things you will learn here are:

  • The spiritual roots of unbelief, and the main forms it takes today
  • The Attitudes that kill belief: pride, injustice, bad will, and levity of mind
  • Why Christianity could conquer the brutal Roman Empire, but suffers ever more defeats in our day
  • The one thing that always opens the gates of faith even to those who live in darkness
  • It's called "Rationalism," but here Fr. Laforet shows it's not rational at all
  • True faith: why it isn't blind and can never be
  • If you can't make yourself believe, why does the Church consider unbelief a vice? Get the answer here

Editorial Reviews

"This book will be a powerful aid to souls, helping them reject error and gain free access to truth."
Blessed Pope Pius IX

"I consider this book's value to be value beyond price, and hence I highly recommend it to all, especially in these days of doubt and denial."
James Cardinal Gibbons

"This excellent work has already brought back a number of persons to the Christian faith, and we trust it is destined to accomplish still greater good." 
Catholic World


Customer Reviews

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Have Doubts? This Will Change Your Life!

Fr. Nicolas J. Laforet is little-known, but he's a LEGEND in my eyes! This was one of the best books I've ever read. I suggest it to anyone and everyone who's willing to re-examine the state of their mind.

I picked up this book when I placed my last order. It looked intriguing, but I mainly bought it because it's so cheap! I had a few bucks and thought, why not? But I was in for a big surprise. From demolishing individual doubt, to clarifying the Catholic faith for believers and unbelievers alike, this book hits it on every note.

The Fr. starts out a bit slow by defining terminology, but you'll find that it's incredibly important*. There are so many misconceptions out there in so-called "Enlightened" Western Society. It's hard to find anyone who truly understands what it means to "believe" or have "faith". Even the difference between "fact" and "truth" is rarely ever considered.

Fr. covers this and more:

1. What Faith Is
2. The Nature of Unbelief
3. Science Is Not the Cause of Unbelief
4. Ignorance Is a Cause of Unbelief
5. Causes of Religious Indifference
6. Materialism
7. Causes of Skepticism
8. Sophistry and Its Victims
9. Unbelief and Natural Religion
10: How Souls Become Unbelievers

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