Visionary - Tumblar House


Author: Michael Hallford
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tumblar House
Pages: 486
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Slacker reporter, Jim Jacobson, is sent to cover the visit of the mystic-prophet figure, Nigel Fox. Jacobson's skepticism is exceeded only by his self doubt and remorse about his own life and roots. Before the day is over he will be hurled into an adventure that spans sixty years of history, the events of a world war, a beautiful and ill-fated love affair. The book is a novel in the grand sense: a purposeful plot with characters that walk and breathe within the narrative and dialogue. Interwoven elements of Christian mysticism and Biblical prophecy collide with conspiracy and the new technology of the post-war America: television. Visionary is a book about the discovery of faith, recovery of a lost past, and the pains and joys of connections which defy time, space , and logic. It is very much, a novel with multiple layers of connection to the human spirit as it struggles to comprehend the divine.

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Customer Reviews

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Story with a heightened, epic, sense of purpose

Hallford's dramatic writing style combined with a meaningful series of events including a "pandora's box" type catastrophe gives the story a heightened, almost epic, sense of purpose. Visionary is an unforgettable, must-read book whose story and themes will stay with you forever.