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Author: by Thomas Ward

Book Summary:
Set in London 2065, society has continued its advancement in both philosophy and technology. People no longer suffer the hardships which previous generations faced. However, Sam Moorcroft, a teenager, is drawn to a particular village, primitive in nature. Designed as a sociological experiment, the village has no connection or knowledge of the outside world. Sam finds his new life to be rough but strangely appealing - so different from modern life. Amidst much turmoil, Sam eventually realizes that he is torn between the two worlds. Interlander is a thought-provoking tale that examines the impact that technology has on a person's spiritual life.
Interesting premise, fairly well executed
PedEx on May 16, 2013
The premise, of large enclosures removed from contact with general society on which experiments are performed, is interesting. That there are essentially "keepers" that maintain the enclosures and control access is logically required. The author has created an interesting universe and a decent "coming of age" plot (though is seems everyone in a position of authority is a heavy drinker, which might be an attempt to indicate moral uncertainty or discomfort, though I'm not sure). The final ambiguities surrounding the morality of the experiments and the main character's reaction to them seemed to fall a little flat for me. There is material left for another book, as the situation is not totally resolved, and I would like an opportunity to read more from this author. In a refreshing change for free books, I only remember encountering one typo or malapropism (and I don't remember what it was...)