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Dec 17: Searcher of Majesty by Solange Hertz is released. Sample the First Chapter.

Nov 30: Chivalry by Leon Gautier is released. Sample the First Chapter.

Nov 11: Of Mary There is Never Enough by William Biersach is released. Sample the First Chapter.

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Articles: We are currently working on adding an article section to the website and plan to solicit article submissions from willing writers.
Solange Hertz books: Women, Words, and Wisdom and Come Down, Zacchaeus will be released in March.
B&C Audio Series on the Litany of Loreto: Another large collection of talks which expound on this important prayer to Our Lady which highlights all of her unique roles in the Church.

The Father Baptist Series by William L. Biersach

Look out Father Brown! In this rollicking mystery series cop-turned-priest Fr. John Baptist get into many fun-filled romps with his faithful sidekick gardener and chronicler Martin Feeney. With a cast of characters too real to be believed, this book will send the reader to his prayers --- and split his sides. The atmosphere of life in the Church and the World today is held up for view --- and appropriately skewered. As in real life, terror and humor are never far apart in any book in the Fr. Baptist series. Read what people are saying about the Father Baptist Series.

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Books by Solange Hertz

Solange Hertz is one of the most outspoken defenders of Catholic tradition. You may not agree with her on every single topic, but you must admit, she gets you thinking about issues that you didn't even realize were issues! Her keen perspective cuts through the veil of societal conditioning that so often clouds our eyes. Her big pet peeves include Americanism, masonry, and liberalism while her main tenets include counterculturalism, the family, and monarchy. Be very careful when reading her words, because her passion and zeal is contagious!

Books by Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe is one of the premiere Catholic historians today. With each historical event, whether it involves the church or state, Coulombe is able to bring a rich historical perspective and analysis. Seeing history through his lens and picking up his insights will make you feel smarter than you actually are. Combined with his vibrant personality, Charles has a unique voice that has the ability to make normally mundane subjects into fun, engaging learning experiences.

Catholic Fireside Chats

Tumblar House proudly presents Charles Coulombe and William L. Biersach. Recorded live before an admiring audience, these talks are engaging, informative, and a heck of a lot of fun. Recommended for young adults who are looking for a frank assessment of the religious and cultural situation in which they find themselves. Not recommended for those who think the practice of the Catholic religion should be a humorless undertaking.

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