We are sad to announce that Solange Hertz died on October 3, 2015 at 10:15 PM in Ashburn, VA. She was 95 years old.The...

Posted by Tumblar House on Monday, October 5, 2015
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The Father Baptist Series by William L. Biersach

Look out Father Brown! In this rollicking mystery series cop-turned-priest Fr. John Baptists get into many fun-filled romps with his faithful sidekick gardener and chronicler Martin Feeney. With a cast of characters too real to be believed, this book will send the reader to his prayers --- and split his sides. The atmosphere of life in the Church and the World today is held up for view --- and appropriately skewered. As in real life, terror and humor are never far apart in any book in the Fr. Baptist series. Read what people are saying about the Father Baptist Series.

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Solange Hertz books: Searcher of Majesty will be released in November.

B&C Audio Series on the Litany of Loreto: Another large collection of talks which expound on this important prayer to Our Lady which highlights all of her unique roles in the Church.

Of Mary There Is Never Enough by William L. Biersach will be released in November.

Chivalry by Leon Gautier will be released in November.

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