Puritan's Empire


Puritan's Empire

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A Catholic Perspective on American History. History is the key to understanding men - whether as nations, families, or individuals. For Catholics, history has an even higher purpose beside. For them, history is the unfolding of God's Will in time, and the attempts of men either to conform themselves to or resist that Will. But American Catholic historians have generally refrained from exploring their own national history with these principles, preferring instead to adopt the analysis of their non-Catholic colleagues, save when looking at purely Catholic topics (and sometimes not then). It is vital then, for Catholics, especially young Catholics, to have a good and proper understanding of their country's history. To exercise their patriotism, they must work for the conversion of the United States; to do this effectively, they must understand the forces and events which brought forth not only the religion of Americanism and the country itself, but also the sort of Catholicism which, in 300 years, failed so dismally to bring this conversion about.
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About the Author:

Charles A. Coulombe was born in New York on 8 November, 1960. At an early age, his parents took him to Hollywood, California, where they lived in an apartment building owned by famed television psychic, Criswell. Coulombe has lectured on a wide variety of historical, religious, and political topics on three continents, and did commentary for ABC News on the death of John Paul II and the election and installation of his successor. He is the author of numerous articles in many journals, and of 10 books on a variety of subjects including Puritan's Empire, a Catholic perspective on American history, and Vicars of Christ, a history of the popes.

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A Different Perspective
Mark Lueckenhoff on March 24, 2013
This book presents a refreshing perspective on American History. It interprets early American history as a contest between mostly English Protestants and mostly Spanish and French Catholics. If you're inclined to dismiss this in our modern multi-cultural present as just another perspective, consider that this was the perspective that prevailed at the time.While we view our early history as the beginning of our country, they viewed it through the experience of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. The author sees his pro-Catholic bias as a counterweight to the traditional interpretations glorifying the eventual victors in this struggle. Essential reading for those who profess that our country was founded upon freedom of religion.
American history from Catholic perspective
Anonymous on October 30, 2016
Good overview of American history from Catholic perspective. When I read broad stroke history books I typically am happy when I am provided sources to dive deeper into specific periods. This work provided Botha good overview of the true American history and many sources to read. One criticism - when setting up his interpretation of certain period he rambles a bit ...... but that is a common issue with all historical writings ..... as detail is needed but not always entertaining :) Overall very good read especially for anyone wanting to see the TRUE AMERICAN history .........
An absolutely amazing book.
Anonymous on September 21, 2016
An absolutely amazing book. So little do we as American Catholics see ourselves clearly in our own history, as it is very easily obscured by many other currents, but this book clearly lays it out. If any American wants to understand his heritage as a Catholic this is the book for him.