The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland (God's Forgotten Friends)

The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland (God's Forgotten Friends)

The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland (God's Forgotten Friends) 0997000570
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Book Summary:
An insane king. His fleeing daughter. Estranged brothers, with a scarred past, risking everything to save her from a fate worse than death. Toss in a holy priest and a lovable wolfhound, and get ready for a wild race across Ireland. Will Dymphna escape her deranged father and his sinful desires? For the first time ever, the story of Saint Dymphna is brought to life in this dramatic novel for adults and older teens. With raw adventure, gripping action, and even humor in the midst of dark mental turmoil, Susan Peek's newest novel will introduce you to a saint you will love forever! Teenage girls will see that Dymphna was just like them, a real girl, while young men will thrill at the heart-stopping danger and meet heroes they can easily relate to. If ever a Heavenly friend was needed in these times of widespread depression and emotional instability, this forgotten Irish saint is it!
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About the Author:
Susan Peek

Catholic novelist Susan Peek is a wife, mother of eleven children, and a Third Order Franciscan. Her passion is writing novels of little-known saints and heroes, especially for teens and young adults (and anyone young at heart). She is an active member of the Catholic Writers' Guild, teaches creative writing in her spare time, and is currently continuing work on her series "God's Forgotten Friends: Lives of Little-known Saints." Susan Peek's books include "Saint Magnus,The Last Viking," which was awarded the Catholic Writers' Guild Seal of Approval in June 2015, "A Soldier Surrenders: The Conversion of St. Camillus de Lellis," having gone through three editions and translated into Spanish, and "Crusader King", which made it onto the list of the Top 50 Most Popular Homeschooling Books in 2013. All of her books have been implemented into the curriculum of numerous Catholic schools worldwide and continue to be a favorite with young adults and homeschooling families everywhere.

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The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland (God's Forgotten Friends)
5 Stars An Adventurous Story
on June 6, 2017
This is a book with no boring parts! I really liked the fictitious characters Susan Peek created to help tell Saint Dymphna's story (and, I admit, the dog even added zing to the book). I love titles that have meanings you don't understand until you get into the story, and this title is perfect! I can't wait for more stories of little-known saints by Mrs. Peek!
The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland (God's Forgotten Friends)
5 Stars Like Susie's other books
on May 11, 2017
Like Susie's other books, I couldn't put it down once I started reading The King's Prey. I knew very little about St. Dymphna and was happy to learn about her in this book. For sure this book is for older teens and young adults. I have purchased some to give as graduation and birthday gifts, as I like to help spread the stories of the "Lives of Little Known Saints". So, if you're on the fence about purchasing it, don't hesitate to get it. You will not be disappointed!