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Catholic Publishers: A Consumer's Guide

Posted by Vincent Frankini on

The following is a list of publishers, who in this humble editor's opinion, have earned a reputation for publishing quality Catholic books that the faithful can trust. These publishers collectively account for the majority of books that can be found in our marketplace. They are roughly ordered here based on their size and brand name recognition.

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Women's Rights and Democracy

Posted by Orestes Brownson on

(The following comes from Brownson's Quarterly Review, Last Series, Vol. 1, 1873.)   It is no wonder that it seems to us that foreigners do not understand either our character or our institutions. They can judge them only as they are or as they find them; while we ourselves think and judge them not as they are, but as we expect in a nigh future to make them, or as they exist in our hopes and imaginations. We have no fixed or stable national character, no fixed or stable institutions. Both are constantly changing under the very eye of the...

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The End of Democracy

Posted by Christophe Buffin de Chosal on

Discover the true nature of democracy and the interests that it serves.

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Discovering Columbus

Posted by Solange Hertz on

The true story about Christopher Columbus

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Kathy Griffin and the Vanishing of Argument

Posted by Bishop Robert Barron on

What has happened to dialogue in America?

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