David Dean

Are Catholics too willing to accommodate others?

Can Chivalry Return?

Charles A. Coulombe

There is a dire need for the eternal spirit of chivalry.

A-Hunting We Will Go

Charles A. Coulombe

An examination of the historical and religious context of hunting.

Hermetic Imagination

Charles A. Coulombe

Learn what the Hermetic world-view is and how it impacted fantasy literature.

Hollywood on the Elbe

Charles A. Coulombe

Mr. Coulombe reminisces of a unique type of people who carry with them an enduring spirit - European exiles.

Cinderella's Amazing Grace

Anna Githens

An exploration of the Christian themes in this classic tale. While watching the magnificent 2015...

Evening Isles Fantastic

Charles A. Coulombe

The Catholic Uses of Folklore I am neither a theologian nor a philosopher, although occasionally...

The Decline of the Skirt

Margaret Robe Summitt

A common-sense approach to women's wear.

The Music of Loreena McKennitt

Avellina Balestri

A Legacy of Love That Makes Us Strong

My Country: Right or Wrong?

Avellina Balestri

The Ongoing Search for True Patriotism As an American freelance student of British history, I...

My Kindred Spirit: A Tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery

Gina Marinello-Sweeney

"No author---before or since---has ever expressed so perfectly what it is like to be a dreamer."

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