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Charles Coulombe Responds

Charles A. Coulombe

Charles responds to a recent review of his book Puritan’s Empire.

Gambling for Eternity

Avellina Balestri

An Analysis of the Apologetics Argument of “Pascal’s Wager”

Why Did Adam Fall?

Jeffrey Tiel

If he wasn't deceived, what was the reason?

The Cauldron of Loss

Jeffrey Tiel

How can we overcome pain and suffering in this life?

The Politics of the Sacred Heart

Charles A. Coulombe

There is a long history of politics involving the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Ark of God

Jeffrey Tiel

The Ark is but one of many ways God has revealed Himself to us.

Can Chivalry Return?

Charles A. Coulombe

There is a dire need for the eternal spirit of chivalry.

On Forgiveness

Jeffrey Tiel

An examination of forgiveness versus retributive justice.

Quest for the Catholic State

Charles A. Coulombe

What would a Catholic state look like? To find the answer, Charles Coulombe takes us on a stroll through history.

The Immaculate Conception

Jeffrey Tiel

Some poignant insights on the Immaculate Conception.

The Rulers and the Ruled

Charles A. Coulombe

In the United States, we say that political power resides with the people. But where does the power truly lie?

Conversion of the Heart

Tracy Tucciarone

How can trads overcome the common pitfalls of their trad nature? Acts of charity.

The Wrong Question

Jeffrey Tiel

If "How do I get to heaven?" is the wrong question, then what is the right question?

The Imago Dei

Jeffrey Tiel

What does it mean to be created in the image of God?

The Ethics of Escape

Charles A. Coulombe

Is the escapism of fantasy literature harmful? As always, Charles Coulombe has the answer.

The Gnostic Seduction

Jeffrey Tiel

Dr. Tiel vividly explores the pitfalls of an ancient heresy: Gnosticism

A-Hunting We Will Go

Charles A. Coulombe

An examination of the historical and religious context of hunting.

Defanging Death

Jeffrey Tiel

A profound philosophical look at life and death.

Hollywood on the Elbe

Charles A. Coulombe

Mr. Coulombe reminisces of a unique type of people who carry with them an enduring spirit - European exiles.

At Home in Your Skin

Sara Stacey

Christians believe that there is more to us than meets the eye.

Sin Revisited: Acedia

Solange Hertz

Acedia, the deadly sin you've never heard about, but which the Desert Fathers regarded as a deadly sin.

Bill Nye, Not the Philosopher Guy

Bishop Robert Barron

"Scientism" is infecting the minds of many young people today.

Cinderella's Amazing Grace

Anna Githens

An exploration of the Christian themes in this classic tale. While watching the magnificent 2015...

Evening Isles Fantastic

Charles A. Coulombe

The Catholic Uses of Folklore I am neither a theologian nor a philosopher, although occasionally...

Confessions of an Altar Boy

William L. Biersach

Reflections on the culture surrounding altar boys for the Tridentine Mass.

The Decline of the Skirt

Margaret Robe Summitt

A common-sense approach to women's wear.

Scour the Horse Anew

Avellina Balestri

An Analysis of The Ballad of the White Horse

The Lord of the Rings: A Catholic View

Charles A. Coulombe

How Tolkien's Catholicism shaped the themes that emerge from The Lord of the Rings.

My Country: Right or Wrong?

Avellina Balestri

The Ongoing Search for True Patriotism As an American freelance student of British history, I...

Conservative American Catholicism

Charles A. Coulombe

There are men like Pat Buchanan who are called such, but what is it really?

Rome and Romanticism

Charles A. Coulombe

What is Romanticism? Whence does it come?

Romantic Conservatives: The Inklings in Their Political Context

Charles A. Coulombe

Some of the most influential 20th century writers in English"

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