Tumblar House Lounge

Be a Cactus!

Solange Hertz

Solange's motto is "Be a Cactus!" What's yours?

Conservative American Catholicism

Charles A. Coulombe

There are men like Pat Buchanan who are called such, but what is it really?

Rome and Romanticism

Charles A. Coulombe

What is Romanticism? Whence does it come?

Romantic Conservatives: The Inklings in Their Political Context

Charles A. Coulombe

Some of the most influential 20th century writers in English"

Meditation in a Dustpan

Solange Hertz

"Dirt isn't just a penance. It's a higher education. Dirt is to a housekeeper what heresy is to the Church."

Why Opposing Evil Is Not Enough

Charles A. Coulombe

"It is simply not enough to oppose Evil; one must have a love and knowledge of the Good, as well, or risk becoming Evil oneself."

My Kindred Spirit: A Tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery

Gina Marinello-Sweeney

"No author---before or since---has ever expressed so perfectly what it is like to be a dreamer."

Good Popes and Bad Popes

Charles A. Coulombe

"...the truth is that there have been obviously good and obviously evil Popes"