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Shane Leslie's Ghost Book

Publisher: Tumblar House
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 196
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The object of Shane Leslie's Ghost Book is to collect instances of ghosts, apparitions, and messages from the other twilight world which have come under Catholic cognizance or suggest Catholic interpretations.

This small collection is intended to illustrate occasions between the Catholic Church and the ghostly. They are not necessarily spiritual and even less spiritualistic. Religion colours most of these stories, but some merely have occurred to Catholics or in Catholic surroundings. Whatever prohibitions mark Catholic life, the faithful are not forbidden to see ghosts or to believe in them! Foreword by Charles A. Coulombe.

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Editorial Reviews

"Shane Leslie's Ghost Book provides what so many of us for so long have been looking for: a book of true ghost stories and supernatural experiences in accord with Catholic orthodoxy." - T.F. Sloan,

"This is a fantastic book to read... just don't read it at night!" - Christine Niles, Church Militant

"Amazing! I don't think I've ever seen any other book like it!" - Charles A. Coulombe, Author of Blessed Charles of Austria 

Customer Reviews

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Paddy Fournier
England, Catholicism, and Ghosts!

Shane Leslie’s "Ghost Book" is a great collection of essays on the afterlife, preternatural tales with a Catholic twist, and that quintessential English charm. The first section of the book explains what it calls "psychical phenomena," or, as we would know them to-day, ghost stories. I must admit that I found this part of the book a little hard to follow, since it refers often to the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and famous figures from history associated with it. However, the introduction by Charles Coulombe puts Mr. Leslie's work in context and makes it thoroughly enjoyable nevertheless. The section of the book detailing the various hauntings was amazing! Everything from manifestly evil spirits to Confession-seeking clergy to decidedly Protestant poltergeists are to be found within these pages. One of these stories even made me cry, although I'll leave it to future readers to guess which one it was. All in all, Shane Leslie’s "Ghost Book" is a marvelous work -under the aegis of the Magisterium- that casts a light on the world beyond that which our eyes can see. God love you!

Hauntings in the Rectory

In one particularly memorable ghost story, Shane Leslie recounts the unusual haunting of a parish rectory, which began subsequent to the death of the previous pastor. The new priest was seemingly directed by strange tappings and rappings to go investigate, ending in the discovery of list of names for whom it had been intended that Mass be said. These Masses having been left unfinished by the former pastor's untimely death, when they had all been said for each of the souls, the haunting abruptly stopped.

Shane Leslie brings a solidly Catholic perspective and sensibility to the consideration of a phenomenon that has been believed all but universally across cultures and millennia.

Patrick Marron
Ghost Book Gives a Catholic Twist on Spookiness

Shane Leslie’s ‘Ghost Book’ is a lovely collection of supernatural events that are all griping and well written. The book is a page turner from Charles Coulombe’s introduction to the tales themselves I found myself unable to put the book down. This is also a great book to read to others for a party activity or a children’s party. For quality it is top notch. But what I most like is that this is a book told by Catholics for Catholics. One main reason I love Tumblar House is I can find Historical and travel books with a Catholic perspective. That’s rare.
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Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus

Joseph G.
More incentive to pray and become holy

Motivates me to pray and try to avoid purgatory myself. This also provided me with the first Catholic perspective on ghosts I have ever heard. I actually used it to help "evangelize" a Protestant. (I don't recommend the book for those with severe anxiety and scrupulosity issues...but then again, those people can't read a large portion of books, so it should go without saying.)

Eric Kelleher
A Classic on ghosts and Catholic culture

I bought this book and got it just in time for the Halloween season and All Saints and All Souls Days. I found it a great time to reflect on the reality of the afterlife and how much we don't know, despite the claims of popular science. It stirred up thoughts of my own family stories concerning ghosts and the afterlife, making me want to ask my parents and grandparents more about them.
It's a great conservation starter filled with stories and personal accounts of the unexplained, and includes a brief history of the topic up to the time of it's publishing, of which I knew nothing! I also find it a great way to explore the topic of the afterlife from a Catholic's perspective, and not from an occult/pagan view, so prevalent in our culture today.
Do enjoy, you won't be disappointed if you have an inkling to explore the unknown!

M. Williams
An antidote to materialism

Another front has opened in the struggle between Revolution and Counter Revolution. Traditional Catholics are purchasing Shane Leslie's Ghost Book (a sorely-needed addition to the counter-revolutionary bookshelf) and are coming to realise the post-Vatican II tendency to reject the existence of ghosts is not only false, but also harmful. In short: Ghosts are real!

I believe Counter-Revolutionary Catholics are mistaken to simply reject Vatican II, the New Mass, and bad manners/customs. We are also obliged to reject everything that is contrary to the Catholic faith, including anything proposed by "scientists" of our time that we see to be contrary to the Holy Scriptures or the tradition of the Church.

So when even the Popes are approving heliocentrism, evolutionism, polygenesis, billions-of-years-old-universe, etc, we must resist them on this. And, when the Church appears to be universally dismissing ghosts and related occurrences, they must be resisted here also.

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Must Read - Great Meditation on Death

My kids didn't want me to stop reading it to them. A great read especially during our month long novena for the Holy Souls in November. It captures the attention even of giggling cucks. +JMJ+

Spooky- in a good way

Not for those devout Catholic who suffer much from anxiety. As for the rest, a stark reminder that the supernatural is real and that the holy souls need our help, and we need to become holy and earn those indulgences. Pray for the holy souls! Also, gives a good theological perspective on ghosts. Buy it this November!

powerful stories

It's interesting to see how in some of the ghost stories the various positions that ghosts have in relation to the sacraments. Some seek the sacraments out, while others are repulsed by them. Other than those stories, you also have scary ghost stories that are a mistake to read late at night. And after that, the final story is a fitting climax to the book. It is an epic tale that you will undoubtedly remember for the rest of your life.

Davis Blank
More to Reality Than the Ordinary

This was a wonderful collection of short stories that will stick with me and continue to remind me that there is more to this reality than I see in my rather plain everyday work life. Coffins floating into churches, deceased sons waving goodbye to family members and of course a few terrifying hauntings - beautifully (although sometimes frightening) memorable stories that give further evidence for our Catholic Faith. I do not want to experience such an encounter, but it makes life more meaningful knowing that such is reality. Either every single ghost encounter ever told across all humanity is a fake, lie, or gross misunderstanding, or yes, indeed ghosts do exist, as our Church teaches us is so.