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Salazar and His Work

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Publisher: Arouca Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 82
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Salazar and His Work is an indispensable volume that provides an in-depth overview of the life and legacy of one of Portugal's most beloved leaders. António de Oliveira Salazar was a statesman whose strong personal values guided his leadership, making him especially revered among the Portuguese citizens. He was highly intelligent, honest and dedicated to public service, working arduously with deep devotion to ensure a prosperous future for his country. Salazar and His Work is an insightful look into this great leader's nuances, providing readers with a better understanding of the qualities that defined Salazar's character. For those looking to gain further insight and appreciation for this historical figure or for any student of Portuguese history, this book is unquestionably necessary reading material that offers newfound respect for the legacy left by this remarkable man.


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Connor Estelle
Salazar and his work is amazing

This is a great book about an amazing leader. Highly recommend!