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A Beginner's Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass

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Publisher: Angelico Press
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 70
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The Traditional Latin Mass is more elaborate and prayed in an ancient language, so those coming to it for the first time can find it hard to navigate. Derya Little has provided a simple presentation with just enough information about the sequence, content, and meaning of its parts that anyone, adult or child, can follow and pray more easily.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Gross
A Beginner's Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass

This book was intriguing in that it is written by a convert; and not just any convert, but a convert from Islam! Since so many of us are "converts" to the Old Mass from the warm fuzzy counciliar religion, a simple guide is extremely helpful. It occupies a useful niche between a children's guide and the full poundage of an actual Daily Missal. Compared to the hand missals often passed out at Mass (which expect you to already know whats going on), A Beginner's Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass helps on to get their feet grounded on the firm rock of the Traditional Mass.

Andrea E.
Beginners Guide to the TLM is about to be a well worn book!

I have been attending the TLM for years and was searching for a resource to help my family become more familiar with what is happening during the Traditional Latin Mass. This book is simple, but educational and not intimidating! Perfect for introducing the liturgy to those unfamiliar and feeling overwhelmed. We’ll be passing this around the family for sure!!