Birth Control

Birth Control

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A Statement of Christian Doctrine Against the Neo-Malthusians.

Artificial Birth Control is considered by most people today to be one of the most wonderful things ever invented by Man – on a par with fire or the wheel. Its benefits to society and the individuals therein are constantly ballyhooed by government, media, and the education industry, and its loving acceptance considered to be one of the main signs of a civilised people. But – what if that is all a lie? What if the truth is that its wholehearted embrace by Western society is in fact responsible for many of the evils that afflict us, ranging from the deathly – such as the collapse of social security – to the merely annoying, as with men refusing to treat women with respect? What if those in charge of forming our opinions for us have in reality been conmen, blindly using our worst instincts to ruin us? This is in fact the real “inconvenient truth” of our time: we have been offered a shoddy bill of tainted goods, and like marks and dupes from the beginning of time, have eagerly bought.

Fifty years ago, a lone voice tried to tell us the truth: Pope Paul VI in his horrifically prophetic encyclical, Humanae Vitae. He suffered for doing so the rest of his life, being attacked not only by the sleazy figures who dominate government, media, and education – but also by supposedly Catholic bishops, priests, and laity. They broke his heart, but his predictions have nevertheless come true – and we who are living now are forced to deal with them.

To commemorate the Golden Anniversary of Humanae Vitae, we offer this book, written in 1922 by Halliday Sutherland, a distinguished doctor, naval officer, and travel writer. Despite his innumerable accomplishments in many fields – not least literary – and his great fame during his lifetime, Dr. Sutherland has been punished since his death with obscurity. His approach to the question is not that of a Pope, but of a doctor and man of the world, who could see what a horrific effect birth control would have on society in very practical terms. When this book came out, he was slapped with a libel suit by Marie Stopes, the British Margaret Sanger. After two years of litigation he was finally vindicated in the courts; as you will see, his predictions too were bourne out by subsequent events. But reality means nothing to children of the lie – even when it slaps them in the face. Even so, if we love our country, mankind, and our own integrity, we must at some point accept and act upon the truth. This book is a powerful way to do that.

Foreword by Charles A. Coulombe.

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In an age in which thought and reason are suppressed by systematised confusion and spiritless perplexity, the very simplicity of a truth will operate against its general acceptance.

From the theological point of view, the myth of overpopulation is definitely of anti-Christian growth, because it assumes that, owing to the operation of natural instincts implanted in mankind by the Creator, the only alternative offered to the race is a choice between misery and vice, an alternative utterly incompatible with Divine goodness in the government of the world.

Without discussion, without investigation, and without proof, our professors, politicians, leader-writers, and even our well-meaning socialists, have accepted as true the bare falsehood that there is always an insufficient supply of the necessities of life; and today this heresy permeates all our practical politics.

Malthus did a greater and a more evil thing. He forged a law of nature, namely, that there is always a limited and insufficient supply of the necessities of life in the world

Moral catastrophes inevitably lead to physical catastrophes. (speaking on birth control)

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"Chillingly prophetic." - Charles Coulombe, author of Puritan's Empire.

Halliday G. Sutherland:
Halliday G. Sutherland

Halliday Gibson Sutherland (1882–1960) was a British physician, author, opponent of eugenics and the producer of Britain's first public health education cinema film in 1911. His obituary in the British Medical Journal in the British Medical Journal described him as “a tenacious fighter for the principles he thought were right, whether medical or political.”

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