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An Unexpected Role

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Publisher: eLectio Publishing
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
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The devastation of a ruined summer.

The gift of a second chance.

Can Josie learn the lessons she needs in order to discover her true self?

After a humiliating event and overwhelming peer pressure, 16-year-old Josie flees her home to spend the summer with her Aunt on a South Carolina island. Her fresh start turns into the summer of her dreams as friendships grow, romance blossoms, and a series of thefts surround her with excitement. However, when tragedy strikes someone close to her, Josie realizes there are more important things than her reputation. As she sets out to solve the mystery she has become entangled in, she not only realizes the importance of relying on her faith but along the way also discovers who God wants her to be.

Sexuality: Mild

There are two kisses and some flirting.

There is some mean girl harassing – teasing about bra sizes, “that time of the month”, and the possibility losing one’s bikini top when diving.

Violence & Gore: Mild In an escape scene someone is hit over the head and knocked out. There is a jelly-fish attack used to coerce information out of someone. There is a vehicle accident leaving one party injured. Profanity: Mild Minor cursing such as darn, heck, and dang. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: None

Editorial Reviews

"Leslea Wahl has done it again! Another heart-pounding, can't-put-it-down teen suspense novel with humor galore and a delightful romantic twist. What more could you want?" - Author Susan Peek

"Told with humor and heart, An Unexpected Role is a tale for any teen who enjoys a book with a little romance, mystery, and adventure!"
- Author A.J. Cattapan
"An excellent read and I look forward to more books by Wahl in the future." - Books Reviews and More

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Theresa Linden
With mystery, suspense, faith, and humor, this is a fun and rewarding read!

Good from beginning to end. So many funny parts! As a writer, I love that the main character’s mom is a writer! And poor Josie decides her mom is ruining her life because everyone at school thinks the embarrassing stories in the book are about her. More than anything, Josie wants an escape. And she gets one which has the potential to be everything a girl could want.

As the fun plot moves forward a mystery begins to develop, then the tension really starts mounting. In addition to being fast-moving and at times hilarious, this novel has incredible descriptions. Since I read this as summer is dwindling down, I really appreciate the beautiful imagery, the beaches and ocean view. It lets me hold onto summer for a wee bit longer. But this story is also filled with life-lessons that are totally relevant to young adults--well, to me too. This book is a fun and rewarding read!

Carolyn Astfalk
Another great book for teens from Leslea Wahl

Leslea Wahl has done it again - another great book custom-tailored to teens (teen girls in particular). I'm always a little put-off by present tense narration, but I quickly grew to enjoy Josie's voice.

Great writing peppered with humor and insight, the author captures the human tendency to hyperfocus on our own problems that can be part and parcel of the teen years.

Take a mortifying yet hardly life-threatening problem, add an alluring backdrop of sunshine, sand, and an attractive guy, and watch Josie's self-preoccupation melt away as she forges relationships with those outside her narrow Minnesota high school circle.

Her summer escape is populated by people of different ages, races, and backgrounds, and not everyone - even those she thinks she knows - is what they seem.

There's a nice little mystery that keeps the story moving, but the most touching moments involve Josie's self-discovery, the softening of her heart, and, eventually, genuine romance with an upstanding guy and reconciliation with her mom.

Enjoyable for adults, highly recommended for teens. Bonus if you're a fan of musical theater.

a compelling story filled with both suspense and a timeless message

AN UNEXPECTED ROLE by Leslea Wahl is an engaging mixture of adventure, romance, and coming-of-age penned in a unique and delightful writing style. While I was intrigued by the mystery and wanted to find out who was responsible for the robberies alongside Josie and Ryan, I also found myself prompted to turn the page because of the clever imagery that Ms. Wahl painted through incomparable metaphors sprinkled throughout the text. On several occasions during the reading experience, I thought to myself, "Wow, that is incredibly creative and sketched such a vivid picture in my mind! And it's also . . . fun!" Since the story is told in first person, these metaphors and other striking descriptions have added depth and meaning to them; it is like they are an extension of this imaginative, young theatre lover's mind.

I highly recommend AN UNEXPECTED ROLE to the teenage girl in your life, as well as anyone who enjoys a compelling story filled with both suspense and a timeless message about discovering yourself while not forgetting the importance of those who matter most in your life---for, in the end, the two go hand in hand. Two thumbs up!